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Dodgers Rumors: Executives Overwhelmingly Expect Shohei Ohtani to Sign in LA

The worst-kept secret in all of baseball is that the Dodgers will be aggressively going after free agent Shohei Ohtani this offseason. The team has been preparing for this moment, and now is their chance to land the best player in the game today.

Many have believed that LA is the frontrunner for his services, and that was all but confirmed at the GM meetings. The majority of executives think that Ohtani takes a trip up the freeway to join the Dodgers this winter.

“Unsurprisingly, the Dodgers were the overwhelming choice among executives: 10 of the 14 decision-makers who participated said they believe the Angels superstar will wind up heading 30 miles north on the I-5.”

Per Mark Feinsand of

Ohtani has been linked to the Dodgers for some time now, and most people in the industry believe that is where he will end up signing. It’s been a common theme for a long time, and the thought remains even while he is on the open market.

If Ohtani does sign with the Dodgers, it would be the biggest signing in the Andrew Friedman era. He has been wanting Ohtani since the superstar was in high school, so this would culminate his attempts to land him.

“Like everybody else, I think he ends up staying in Los Angeles, but with the other team there,” one National League executive said. “When the Dodgers have an infatuation with a guy and they’ve made moves that seem like they do, they always get their guy. I would be surprised if that’s not where he ends up.”


Ohtani would provide the Dodgers with some true star power, and both production on and off the field. His marketability is on insane levels, and the two-way superstar could maximize it even more by playing in Los Angeles with the Dodgers.

Nothing is guaranteed, and Ohtani has shocked the baseball world before, but everything is pointing to this paring. He would get to essentially stay in the same place that he has become comfortable in, but just gets to upgrade the franchise he plays for.

Ohtani and the Dodgers would make a great pairing, and the hope is that they can convince him to sign with them this winter. Fans are somewhat expecting this to happen at this point, so the front office needs to deliver.

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  1. Look, I’m ok with Ohtani signing here but he still can decide to sign elsewhere. But Dodgers CANNOT abandon their needed pursuit of a starting rotation upgrade due tying up so much money on 1 player. If I were Freidman, I’d get the needed starting pitching first.

  2. I’m not sure I’d put all my eggs in Ohtani’s basket. For the half a billion dollars it’s rumored that it would take, the Dodgers could conceivably sign Snell, Nola, and have enough to bring back Hayward and Martinez.

  3. Funny thing is people said the same thing during the mookie betts trade rumor era. And look who we got. Signing Ohtani means we then sign Imanaga and trade for Corbin Burnes. Rotation is Bobby Miller, Pepiot, Imanaga, Burnes, and if Kershaw decides to come back him and Buehler if he can stay healthy. Trade Stone and some other prospects for Burnes

  4. Signing Ohtani is going to be a huge mistake. His slugging ability could be matched by resigning JD Martinez, who will play more, or acquiring Juan Soto who also will play more. The first thing that will happen in April 2024 is Ohtani will go on the IL.
    No point in talking about his pitching because he can’t pitch next year and the Dodgers are betting on a pitcher that has yet to pitch a full season for his entire MLB career.
    This is a mistake.

  5. Wishful thinking. We’ll see soon enough. Even though we all know the Dodgers have an infinite amount of money to spend, Friedman can be tight with a buck. Let’s hope that they don’t blow their whole wad on one player. Let’s also not forget that Ohtani’s contract would be more than likely a 10 year commitment.
    What would that do for any other acquisitions in the years to come?

  6. I think signing Ohtani would be a totally stupid move. After two TJ surgeries he is not a sure thing to be an effective pitcher again or even have longevity as a pitcher. Yeah he can hit, so can Martinez and a lot of others that would be a whole lot cheaper. For the money he would cost to sign the team could get several top players, especially in the pitching dept. where the biggest need is!
    I for one truly hope he signs somewhere else.

  7. As much as I like Otani I agree with you guys we can sign multiple players and not lose Sheenan or pepiot , I thought when the Angels didn’t let him go and he hit fee agency we didn’t need to throw in trading pieces, guess I was wrong because they want a starter and dh

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