Dodgers Rumors: How Nolan Arenado trade to Cardinals Impacts LA, Braves in on Justin Turner

We react to the blockbuster deal that sent 5-time all-star Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals and how it impacts the Los Angeles Dodgers. With Nolan Arenado, who was long-rumored to be a Dodgers trade target, off the table, will LA consider pursuing trades for Kris Bryant or Eugenio Suarez?

Also, we discuss if the Arenado deal will have any impact on the Dodgers potentially re-signing Justin Turner. Plus, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly interested in Justin Turner. What’s the hold up between JT and the boys in blue? We opine and wonder how much Turner’s agent is playing a role in the rumors.



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. I think the Cards made a good move to get Arenado. The NL central is lame. It was pretty much up for grabs. This gives the Cards an edge over the rest and probably gets them in the postseason for a short visit. And if you can figure out the contract, and it really is about $23M/yr, it’s not a bad price. The Dodgers didn’t need Arenado. They need to re-sign Turner.

    1. Hey there, Dodger106W. That’s pretty much were Dodgers are at. Signing Turner means top prospects need not have to be dealt. Now if Dodgers need to they can still trade for an additional RHB. WSS.

  2. Turner or Bryant; that’s what its coming down to.

    But Kershaw will be happy: his high school QB is coming to LA in a major deal. Kershaw was Matthew Stafford’s center in high school. Stafford is on his way as Goff, a ’21 3rd round pick, a ’22 1st and a ’23 1st are going to Detroit.

    So, there was a major trade in LA. Just not the Dodgers…yet!

  3. Love JT but a 1 or 2 year deal should be max. Otherwise a one year solution is all that is needed before Kody Hoese can try out the hot corner. Perhaps a 3B by committee of Rios, Taylor, McKinstry and Will Smith. If needed, a trade can be in order before the deadline. Why not Jose Ramirez?

  4. I’m going to laugh when Arenado exercises his option and leaves the Cardinals after 2021. It will be even funnier if he goes to the Dodgers as a FA.

    1. Exactly. Arenado cannot be happy that the Rockies absolutely would not even talk to the Dodgers about a trade. Here’s his chance to rub it in their face!

  5. The Dodgers lost Joc Peterson and now on the verge of losing JT give JT the contract he wants because he wants to stay in LA Dodgers uniform and retire. He does not need to go to Atlanta at all. Atlanta is a bunch of drugs.. JT is a leader in the dodgers clubhouse and around the field. Keep him give him what he wants

    1. Totally agree Mack. JT is a leader in the clubhouse and Roberts wants him back. Management pisses money around on lame pitchers for the bullpen all the time. So they have $$$$ to keep JT. Sign him dammit. Let him retire in Dodger Blue as he wants and deserves and so do the Dodger Patriots in the stands. Or hopefully back in the stands.

  6. Dodgers are shootng themselves in the foot, I love JT as do all blue fans, but he was’nt even healthy in a 60gm season. He gets hit by the most pitches, he is 36 with injured hamsrings. He would’ve been a great fit in Toronto, we have a fantasic 3rd base replacement at no extra cost than the league min. In rios, who everybody wants. We need a Bauer and a big right handed bat.We need to work on Granderol’s control this spring so he can close.But we missed on Lindor , where we could move Seager to 3rd a keep him healthy, and now missing on the best 3rd baseman in baseball Nolan.We lose the best utility player in baseball Kike when we could have let Taylor go.I dont know what kind of deal they gave Bellinger, but he has been horrible at the plate since july 2019. Now he’s hurt .

  7. If I remember correctly, I don’t think Arenado hits very well in the playoffs. Am I wrong? JT shines in the playoffs. Maybe not with lots of homeruns, but he gets on base quite a bit.

  8. I think Nolan Arenado will end up with the Dodgers as soon as next year. A lot will have to do whether there is universal DH. They could sign JT to a two or three year contract and use him as a DH with Arenado at third!

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