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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Suggests Head Scratching Trade Scenario

Ken Rosenthal is a well-respected news-breaker. He has sources, contacts, and all the things that make him first so often on breaking news. He’s the cream of the crop for baseball insiders.

So we don’t know exactly where this rumor came from, but Rosenthal is the one who wrote about it with a generic “What I’m Hearing” framing. We’ll give Ken the benefit of the doubt and assume someone really said this to him.

One possible scenario: Trade for Brewers second baseman Kolten Wong, a player the Dodgers like, according to major-league sources. Sign one of the big four free-agent shortstops. Play Gavin Lux at third. …

The Wong scenario is likely one of dozens the Dodgers are considering. But when it comes to free agency, they rarely operate at the top of the market. Freddie Freeman last offseason was an exception, but his six-year, $162 million contract included significant deferrals. Mookie Betts also was an exception, but his 12-year, $365 million deal was an extension, negotiated without competition, and also had signifiant deferrals.

Notably, Rosenthal later updated to include Max Muncy in the mix at third base. Because he is a player that exists on the roster.

Look, Kolten Wong makes a ton of sense for the Dodgers. He’s an outstanding defensive second baseman and a solid if unspectacular hitter, and his range at second base will be even more valuable next year with the shift being banned.

But if L.A. acquired Wong, it would either mean Gavin Lux was moving to shortstop or he was going somewhere else in a trade. Lux’s main asset on defense is his athleticism and speed, and there’s simply no way a team as smart as the Dodgers would move a guy like Lux to third base, where his kind of athleticism is less valuable than almost anywhere else on the field.

Could Lux play third? Most likely, yeah. Would it be the best use of the fastest guy on their team? No, no it would not.

Moving Lux to third base would negate his athleticism and put him at a position where his bat would be below-average. It’s hard to believe someone actually suggested this idea.

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Jeff Snider

Jeff was born into a Dodgers family in Southern California and is now raising a Dodgers family of his own in Utah. During his previous career as an executive at a technology company, he began writing about baseball in his spare time. After leaving corporate America in 2014, he started doing it professionally. Jeff wrote and edited for Baseball Essential for years before joining Dodgers Nation. He's also the co-host of the Locked On Dodgers podcast, a daily podcast that brings the smart fan's perspective on our Boys in Blue. Jeff has a degree in English from Brigham Young University. Favorite Player: Clayton Kershaw Favorite Moment: Kirk Gibson's homer will always have a place, but Kershaw's homer on Opening Day 2013 might be the winner.


  1. I agree. And besides wasting Lux’s speed it would put Vargas and Busch in limbo and question wether JT came back. It sounds all wrong.

  2. I guess some people don’t believe it when Davy says Vargas is going to get a runway, and while they haven’t come right out and said he will be the opening day third baseman, I’m pretty sure that is the plan. With Muncy and Lux in the mix, they are not going to add a starting 2nd or 3rd baseman, maybe a SS if anything.

  3. Maybe Vargas has improved but they certainly didn’t trust him at third last year. These guys should be able to make plays on defense. The big difference between prospects and solid mlb vets is offense. With no Turners, Rios, Belli, Gallo, the offense is down 80 homers or so, almost 300 rbi, 440 some hits, and 260 runs scored by thes 5 guys with Rios and Gallo only had 200 bats between them. The pitching is going to be worse. The offense is going to be worse. Maybe the Dodger Dogs will be better.

    1. I can easily see Vargas and Outman replacing or even exceding JT and Bellinger. Improving on the production of Gallo and Rios shouldn’t be very difficult at all. Right now, IMO, the only piece that cannot just be replaced from within is if they lose Trea, and that’s a big loss.

  4. Gotta love how Ken completely ignores CT3’s ability to play third base — probably better than Lux could.

  5. Lux to third base doesn’t make much sense, but certainly adding Wong at second and moving Lux to short would be a less expensive get than signing any of the big four at short. And it would certainly cost less prospect capital that trading for Adames – and Burnes – at this point.

  6. If either Vargas or Busch is better than Wong, than this trade would be a waste. Why not give your own prospects who have proven themselves at every level of the minors have a chance, there’s almost no downside to it. They play for couch change, and if it isn’t working, you’ve got all the resources necessary to fix it.

  7. Wong would be a great addition at 2nd and then move Lux to SS where he belongs. Max at 3rd, or maybe Taylor; Outman in CF. All this is moot if TT resigns with Dodgers. I’m hoping for the last option ( TT a Dodger again ).

  8. Wong is being contemplated if and only if Lux is moved to short. Lux and Taylor are the only players on the roster capable of playing 2b well without the shift. This Andrew covering his bets.

  9. I would rather give the young prospects a chance. I think Vargas, lux, & Busch are ready. Spend money on a free agent outfielder

  10. This shows what the brain trusts think of Lux for the future. Yeah, he was a promising prospect, but just didn’t grow fast enough. Maybe it’s his work ethic, or being so aloof, remember he reported late to camp once and out of shape. So I think Lux will not be around for long. He’s going to be a good trade bait while he still has value. Everyone knows Lux is not a third baseman, so Ken is just speculating. Intriguing story…WSS.

  11. Gotta love how people overlook the close to 40% SO rate of Taylor. Don’t care how many positions he can play. If you SO that much you do not belong on a MLB team.

  12. Wong is gone to the Mariners, Chris Martin to the Red Sox, TA to the Angels, DeGrom to the Rangers, Snooze you lose to the Dodgers.

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