Dodgers Rumors: Joc Pederson, Zach Lee Enough For David Price?

Zach LeeQuestions remain about whether or not the Los Angeles Dodgers will make a major move before the end of the winter. While they were never going to spend for Robinson Cano, there are conflicting reports as to whether or not they’ll bid for Masahiro Tanaka if he’s posted or make a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays for David Price.

A Price deal would include several top prospects, which the Dodgers are hesitant to do after admitting their in “Phase 2” of their plan and don’t want to deal top prospects. However, many believe they’re the front runners to make a deal and according to Jim Bowden of ESPN.com via Ray Guilfoyle of SBNation, the price might not be as steep:

Bowden feels that the Dodgers might have the best deal on the table right now, saying that a package of Zach Lee and Joc Pederson might get it done.

Pederson is the Dodgers top prospect, but with four high-priced outfielders already, it makes him somewhat expendable. At Double A Chattanooga, he hit .278 with 22 home runs and 58 RBI and he was also named to the Futures Game at Citi Field this past summer.

Meanwhile, Lee has been waiting in the wings for seemingly forever and spent the season with Pederson at Double A. He went 10-10 with a 3.22 ERA, but showed much better command with a 3.74 K/BB rate. Along with these two prospects, the Dodgers would have to give up another prospect, but a mid-to-low tier one.

Many believe the Dodgers are favorites for Price, but it’s been assumed it’d take Corey Seager or Julio Urias to get a deal done. Seager is the Dodgers top infield prospect while Urias is just 17-years-old and could be in the big leagues very quickly. Not to mention, acquiring Price would also mean contract extensions for he and Clayton Kershaw would take place simultaneously and could be difficult to accomplish.

All of the Price to the Dodgers talk could be for naught if Tanaka is posted and with talk of his preference to play on the west coast, the Dodgers could be the team to beat in those sweepstakes as well. Whether it’s trading for Price or signing Tanaka, many expect the Dodgers to add another high-profile starter, something GM Ned Colletti is warming up to doing.


ICYMI: The Dodgers and reliever Chris Perez agreed to a one-year deal last night

Ross Gasmer

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  1. No!! Don’t do it. He is not worth it, he’s good, but these two are young talent we need.

  2. good thing im not a gm, as normally i would be all for trading away prospects to get a guy of price’s calibur, but in this case, he is so close to free agency we could just throw money at him in a year, so why give up so much potential…if we traded for him now we would still have to pay him, so be patient and get him without the cost of prospects

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