Should The Dodgers Pursue Andrew McCutchen?

*12.2.16 Update – ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Dodgers are interested in Andrew McCutchen*

The Dodgers have interest in McCutchen, sources say, and his relatively modest salary of $14 million in 2017 and his team option for $14.75 million in 2018 would help L.A. continue to shave away at its payroll, which could take a dramatic turn downward over the next couple of years.

Cespedes, Braun, Kinsler, and Dozier are just a few of the names that have been stirring around as possible targets for the Dodgers. It is known all across the baseball world that the Dodgers need a powerful right handed bat that they can toss in the middle of the lineup on an every day basis. Whether it is coming from free agency or a trade between the Dodgers and one of the other 29 teams in the league, a move needs to be made. The Dodgers currently have three question marks in their starting lineup with one of them being the makeup of the outfield. The Dodgers have the bodies to get them through the 2017 season, but it is time they make the splash and get someone to take them to the next level. That man’s name is Andrew McCutchen.

Cutch has been a cornerstone and the face of the Pirates franchise since he debuted for them in 2009. His award cabinet is filled with a large amount of accolades. He was the 2009 Rookie of the Year. He is a five time National League All-Star, a four time Silver Slugger winner and a Gold Glove winner in 2012. He has finished in the top five of NL MVP voting on four separate occasions, including 2013 when he won the coveted title. After a down year by his standards, maybe a change of scenery could do him some good. However, the Pirates would have to be willing to move him.

According to Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal, the Pirates were willing to move him to fellow National League powerhouse, the Washington Nationals, at the non-waiver trade deadline.

The trade from an outsiders perspective makes sense on both ends. The Pirates would be able to get $28.5MM of their books, the block that is holding top-prospect Austin Meadows in the minors would be gone, and they could get a substantial haul for McCutchen. The Dodgers are in desperate need of a big bat that hits from the right side. McCutchen is not cheap, but he is not expensive by any means. This gives the team the financial flexibility to continue their pursuit of re-signing Turner and Jansen. They also have the prospects necessary to acquire a big name such as Andrew McCutchen.

[graphiq id=”f8gxfYxp941″ title=”Andrew McCutchen Career Batting Triple Slash” width=”640″ height=”494″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/f8gxfYxp941″ link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/10588/Andrew-McCutchen” link_text=”PointAfter | Graphiq” ]

So what might this trade look like? That is the hard part. You must give to receive; and you must give a lot to receive a lot. Andrew McCutchen is a lot for the Pirates to give, so you can imagine they expect just as much in return.

You can start it off by headlining the deal with Jose De Leon, the third most coveted arm in the Dodgers organization behind Kershaw and Urias. It’s a blow, but the Dodgers can afford it.

The second piece should fall somewhere in the Yusniel Diaz range; another top ten prospect in the organization. The outfielder finished his 2016 season in high-A ball at Rancho Cucamonga.

The third and final piece that could be added to the deal is Chase De Jong. He had a 2.86 ERA in 25 starts at double-A Tulsa before being promoted and finishing the season in Oklahoma City.

The final deal would be:

Pirates receive:

SP Jose De Leon

SP Chase De Jong

OF Yusniel Diaz

Dodgers receive:

OF Andrew McCutchen

What do you think about a trade like this? Do you think the Dodgers are giving up too much or too little? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Too much!! I live in Pittsburgh but am a diehard dodgers fan & Cutch is not the player he used to be, lost explosiveness in his bat and in the field. Slower and making more errors and mistakes than ive ever seen him do. Would love to say he just had a bad season but I think he’s on the downfall I would not trade de Leon for him.

  2. absolutely Dodgers should inquire; if reasonable package can be agreed McCutchen would be a terrific LF’er with Joc in CF and Toles/Thompson in RF.

  3. Socalbum
    Hello SoCal!  Yes I would be OK with getting McCutchen as long as it did not include Bellinger in that deal.  the other LHB  in our system are fair game IMHO.

  4. Hey Paul!  I have been a fan of McCutchen for several years and I believe last season was an anomaly, no way is he on the downside of his career.  This young man can still play and what a terrific role model for the young prospects coming up.

  5. Socalbum
    Yes indeed he would be and also make the other OF around him better.  If ya have been reading any of my posts on these blogs here, you know that in no way do I want Bellinger to be involved in any trade, especially for Kinsler, although that supposed deal is pretty much dead I believe.  Why would Dodgers consider trading a 21 year old up and coming star and a super athlete for a 34 year old player who has Dodgers on his no trade list?. sometime late in 2017 depending upon how the year goes Cody B. should be brought up and stay close to Gonzalez and learn what it takes to be a successful 1st baseman in MLB. I know Bellinger can play in OF as well, but theventual successor to AG is what most likely takes place.

  6. I think sports writers were supposing that Tigers would want Bellinger (as would all of the other MLB teams).  Tigers would likely ask for him, but I think Dodgers would say no.

  7. Well basically, for a consistent player like Big Mac, the players that the Dodgers are giving up which some we have already seen. Some of them may need a couple years to develop which by then the Dodgers could be possibly wrapping up the west including a championship.

  8. That would be too much to give up for an aging player and for a position we are already overloaded in. I might make the trade if it had some of our outfielders in it.

  9. Danielsocal good point.  Pirates have Marte in LF and Polanco in RF with CF prospect Austin Meadows almost ready to take over.  Considering that Polanco and Meadows are LH hitters, Pirates might be interested in Trayce Thompson as part of a package for McCutchen.  Perhaps a package of Thompson, Calhoun, and Pedro Baez might get a deal done.

  10. Yes, I like the sound of that, and it still helps both teams. We can afford to include Calhoun asuming we are going to make a deal for a young 2b in a separate trade.

  11. Danielsocal I think it is more likely that Dodgers deal for a veteran second baseman with several minor league middle infielders a couple of years away.

  12. Heck no, we would be trading New for OLd…let the kids play…Clutch had a off year and how old is he…Sign the Cuban if you want right handed power…

  13. McCutchen is a defensive liability coming off one off the worst seasons of his career. Why would you want him now?

  14. bluz1st
    Myself and SoCalBum briefly mentioned this yesterday and 1 down year won’t necessarily mean he will stay down like last year.  That being said, while I would not mind him or anyone who can hit LHP, I kind of doubt Pirates will trade him at least not now.  Besides Pirates would probably demand a plethora of top prospects in return.

  15. KingmanofLodi
    Yeah,I would prefer we keep our top farm hands and in reality, a deal with the pirates is not likely anyway.  But we may need to go outside organization for a RH bat or 2 that hits LHP.  that .213 BA and being last in MLB in OPS and OPB against LHP is unacceptable.

  16. Danielsocal
    Yes Danielsocal, and by the way I lived in Socal up until 2004 when I moved to Southern Oregon. Calhoun, and a couple of other LHB not named Bellinger are expendable and a trade for a 2B is a probability.

  17. Socalbum Danielsocal
    hello SoCal, that might work and I too would include Baez, even though some of our known fellow posters feel he might be able to close.  He does not have the mental makeup to be a closer and for 3 seasons in a row we all witnessed his implosions in the PS.

  18. Danielsocal
    That would be a way that deal might work, because we still have an OF log jam. I might be enticed to include Kike in that deal, as he IMHO has played his way off our roster.

  19. bluz1st Because I believe his off season in 2016 was an anomaly at age 29.  Played hurt (RH thumb injury) which likely effected his hitting — not sure why his defense took such a horrible decline (wasn’t gold glove anyway) but I think he is worth a reasonable package of players and move him to LF with Joc in CF

  20. Danielsocal I liked Micah when he played here for the Charlotte Knights in 2015, but he really disappointed for OKC.  Turns 26 next month, he may now be regarded as a utility player as Dodgers moved him around in AAA (2b, 3b, LF, CF).  With the acquisition of Darnell Sweeney who will be 26 in February, Johnson may be a trade chip.

  21. Socalbum Danielsocal My take is that the talent at 2b we have in the minors is good but not good enough. Either not good enough up the middle defense or not consistent enough bat. If we can trade some of that for an all around  high quality young partner for Seager there’s no reason not to. The future is now!

  22. Come on! McCutchen has been  a fine player but last season’s injuries raise a lot of question; speed was gone, defense was done and OPS fell drastically. We can do better.

  23. Danielsocal SPOT ON!!!  Omar Estevez may be the second baseman of the future but doesn’t turn 19 until early next year so.  Brandon Montgomery was drafted last June and did very well in rookie ball.  Older (21 in February) than Estevez with college experience, he could be a fast riser.

  24. The “Brain Trust” in the front office should have extended Turners contract last spring for five years and they wouldn’t be in the situation they are now.  We may look back on the trade with the A’s as a bigger giveaway than it currently appears having nothing to show for giving away some solid pitching prospects.

  25. thetaxdude
    As long as it doesn’t cost  the Dodgers Bellinger i am OK with it too, but it appears the Nats have the inside track on him.

  26. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They have a young centerfielder on the upswing. Do not need an aging outfielder on the down  slide!!!!

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