Dodgers Rumors: Maeda Visits Team Facility

What would the Christmas season be for Dodgers fans without another rumor? The Kenta Maeda-Dodgers connection has been made before, so here it is again.

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Pictures have surfaced of him and his agent at Dodgers Stadium on Christmas Eve and, given the geographical sense it makes for both parties (not to mention how the Dodgers still need a number-two starter), this does feel noteworthy.

Rumors surfaced of a potential meeting, like the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett’s below:

Then, the Japanes Media Source Plunkett mentioned was made known:

This is the closest thing we’ve come to an in-depth report on any potential free agent meeting with the Dodgers. Sure, we’ve heard how the Dodgers were highly interested, then how they came ever-so-close to signing said free agent.

This, however, is the first time we’ve seen anything close to concrete evidence about some type of meeting.  It’s impossible to say if this definitely means the Dodgers will sign Maeda or anything, really, but compared to previous reports, this is exponentially more interesting. 

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  1. It is interesting the variety of opinion on the quality this pitcher brings. Listening to some of the commentators on MLB Network he is less than or equal to a Leake. And Leake signed for 5 years and $80 mill. But on the other hand this pitcher has won the equivalent of the Japanese Cy Young twice and been an effective pitcher for the Hiroshima Carp. He does not cost them a draft pick and the 20 Mill posting fee does not count against the Luxury tax all positives. MLB Network was saying they thought he would be just an average pitcher and the Dodgers have plenty of those in their rotation now with another mediocre guy in McCarthy coming back in June. They may get him for ONLY $20 Mill a year but if they have that much money to throw around why not just sign Greinke and in their mind throw the extra year away…
    The number of pitchers that will not cost them a draft pick or prospects are dwindling do they pick this guy up? 
    Who knows how they have him graded out. They fired almost all of their international scouts I wonder if they have anyone that can or will evaluate him…..
    And Anthony you are still a Dodger shill….

  2. Yeah, and Santa Claus visited my house on Christmas Eve.  Tell me when they actually sign someone

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