Dodgers Rumors: Nationals’ Zimmermann A ‘Top’ Target

What would a pleasant Friday night be without a Los Angeles Dodgers rumor to get the evening going in the right direction? And by right direction I mean: Come on, Dodgers rumors, you couldn’t take a night off?

The Dodgers are looking desperately for pitching; we know this. They’re also looking for discounts, and the name brought up Friday night suffices for both.

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Bob Nightengale of USA Today had this to say about the direction the Dodgers might go in to find (at least fairly) cheap pitching.

Zimmerman feels like the kind of name who might not replace Zack Greinke by himself if the latter leaves, but him and another second-tier pitcher might be the kind of depth the Dodgers are looking to develop. Between him, another starter and a reliever like Darren O’Day, the Dodgers might be shifting from the more old-school thinking of dominant starting pitching winning versus a more balanced pitching attack.

He had this to add, though, to help calm Dodgers fans’ minds as they freak out at the thought of losing Greinke.

So there’s that, at least.

Here’s one thing that gives me pause to this rumor: Andrew Friedman cherishes picks. It’s almost creepy. Signing Zimmerman would cost a pick, and if the Dodgers re-sign Greinke, they (at least in theory) lose a compensatory pick that would otherwise come from another team.

If they do go after Zimmerman (and give up a pick in the process), it wouldn’t shock me to see the franchise go hard after David Price, who doesn’t cost a compensatory pick after having been moved midseason in 2015. Just a thought to keep in mind.

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