Dodgers Rumors: Pederson Unlikely To Be Included in Miller Deal

As expected, Joc Pederson will not likely be dealt this offseason. Now, if something crazy comes up that the Dodgers couldn’t turn down, sure, but for now, he’s almost untouchable — as most would’ve predicted heading into this offseason.

There was a brief report of the Braves asking for Pederson in return for Shelby Miller, which has been denied, at least for now.

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This, via Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Now, it is for good reason the Braves would at least start negotiations with Pederson. For one: the Dodgers are nowhere near alone in pursuing Miller this offseason. Heyman continues:

The Diamondbacks and Giants are two more of the 20 or so teams that are said to have expressed interest in Miller. The Braves generally are seeking to upgrade their offense, though obviously in the case of Severino they are willing to look at young pitchers, as well.

You want to know the best way to ensure you get what you consider best value for your asset? Open up the bidding to as many teams as possible. It seems the Braves are using this approach with Miller, but eventually, teams might start dropping out as they become frustrated waiting alongside so much competition.

Shelby Miller is obviously great value given his age and production last season — especially as we’ve learned to properly value wins and losses for pitchers. Is he worth the hassle of negotiating so publicly alongside so much competition from so many other MLB franchises, though?

The Dodgers appear to believe so as of right now. It’ll be interesting to see how long they maintain that stance.

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