Dodgers Rumors: Pederson – Miller Trade Being Discussed

UPDATE: It is being reported that Joc Pederson will probably not be included in a Shelby Miller trade.

And we’re back to the rumor mill!

After a relatively quiet Thanksgiving weekend (minus the adventures of one Yasiel Puig), the Dodgers appear right back at work Sunday evening, with specifics about a potential Shelby Miller coming forward.

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This, via Robert Murray of Baseball Essential.

Here’s where I’m hung up: The trade makes no sense given the Dodgers’ priorities this offseason.

Pederson is easily the cheapest and youngest of the Dodgers’ outfielders and, as the team wants to get cheaper and younger, moving him doesn’t really fit those intentions. When a potential Miller deal came up earlier this offseason, moving Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford or even Yasiel Puig made a little more sense as the team would be shedding millions.

Sure, they’d have to eat much of any contract they move, but it would fit what the Dodgers are trying to do.

Now, it bears mentioning that trades only work if the other sides wants what the team they negotiate with offers. Miller is still young and very easily could bounce back next season. If the Braves are using that as leverage, of course the negotiations would have to start with a player the Dodgers don’t want to give up.

If we’re to read even deeper into this (any why not, there really isn’t much else going on), moving Pederson might be the first of a couple moves to shore up the outfield and rotation.

Jason Heyward went to St. Louis in exchange for Shelby Miller, and Pederson being sent to Atlant opens up a spot for Heyward to step in and play center field. Though it’s important to point out he’s much better in right.

Regardless, the rumor needs a little more meat to it before we take it very seriously. I’d imagine it’ll be a talking point for much of tomorrow and early this coming week.

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  1. You can bet your bottom dollar on Miller coming down with major arm troubles next season at some point if LA makes this deal, while someone will retool Joc’s swing, making him a .275 30 HR type guy that plays + defense in CF.

  2. EXACTLY what I’d worry about. They gave up on Dee too damned early, do we want to see it happen again with Joc? Joc works cheap, is young, is a plus defender, and despite appearances didn’t go from 20 bombs in half a season in the big leagues to forgetting how to hit.

  3. Daninpasadena  So, what did happen to him that they couldn’t correct in 1/2 a season last year??? He was so carried away hitting “dingers” (could have been the result of McGwire being the batting coach) that he couldn’t fix his own mechanics…the true plus is that he’s so young…

  4. Potential Top of rotation pitcher (we only have one remember) for slightly better than average defender who hits 210 and potential to hit 12/15 homers. These type of centerfielders are dime/dozen I don’t think Friedman is smart enough to make this deal. Let’s get something for him while we can.

  5. I just can’t believe these guys! Joc has hit 26 home runs for the god sake. How many Dodgers have done that in the past! Everyone goes through bad patch and so does Joc. He has been a great center fielder.. I am losing faith in Dodgers management! Does anyone from the Dodgers ownership gives any damn about what’s being discussed?

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