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Dodgers News: Greinke Looking for $30M Annually

Details of Zack Greinke’s free agency continue to roll in, and it appears the Dodgers will have to pay a pretty penny to retain his services.

The Dodgers already have one 30-million-dollar man in Clayton Kershaw, and if they want to run back the best one-two punch in the MLB over the last few years, they’ll need to swallow another such contract.

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This, via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN:

This contract expectancy hardly comes as any kind of breaking news. Greinke remains the top target on the market by many accounts and will be paid as such by someone.

While the Dodgers have claimed up and down that their plan is to cut cost wherever possible it’s simply hard for me to believe they’d finally draw the line with a talent like Greinke.

As of now, though, it’s still a waiting game as we see which team is willing to pony up above all others.

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