Dodgers Rumors: Ryan Braun “Could Be Fit” for L.A.

After a noisy trade deadline full of rumors linking Ryan Braun to the Dodgers, rumors on that front have grown silent this winter. That changed Friday afternoon.

While he didn’t suggest negotiations are ongoing, Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported the Giants aren’t currently pursuing Braun and the Brewers slugger could fit the Dodgers.

The idea of a Braun-Dodgers marriage is nothing new. He’s a corner outfielder with pop who grew up in the Los Angeles area. The mention of his name is often loathed by fans because he defeated former Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp for the NL MVP award during a season in which he took performance enhancers.

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L.A. has reportedly long been interested in Braun. It nearly acquired him for a Yasiel Puig package after Milwaukee claimed Puig on waivers in August 2016. Morosi said the focus is currently on Dozier. Minnesota has played those talks tough, so Braun could be the next target if negotiations with the Twins break down.

Braun is owed $19 million in 2017 with $57 million due in his age 34-to-36 seasons. The financial circumstances may not be as black and white as they appear, however. We explained how Milwaukee and L.A. could reach a deal in which Braun is owed $62 million total over four years – a below-market value.

While the Dodgers may be reluctant to take on more future salary commitments, San Francisco is near its paywall. The Giants signed Mark Melancon and dipped out of the free agent market. It’s unlikely the team has the financial and prospect capital available to complete a trade with the Brewers.

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Braun has a limited no-trade clause. He previously could’ve only been traded to the Dodgers, Giants, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins. He’s rumored to update that list, though no details are known. Braun obviously values the west coast and he went to college at the University of Miami.

Braun gains 10-5 rights in May 2017, meaning he can block any trade at any time. Milwaukee would lose any leverage it has at that time. The Brewers could begin pushing to move him sooner rather than later with that in mind.

We have an idea of Chris Archer’s pricetag…

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  1. Why do writers keep perpetuating this rumor? Why would the Dodgers trade away good players to get an aging expensive outfielder when they already have a full outfield? Sure if Milwaukee paid part of his salary it would be worth it. Or if money is no problem why not stockpile. But I believe they are trying to lower salary and stockpiling creates a roster problem. So in my opinion trading for Braun is not probable, just a rumor.

  2. It makes no sense in that the Dodgers are attempting to use in-house people and not blow up the budget. The Brewers would have to give him away. Also where would he play? Do you trade Puig?

  3. If the Dodgers are looking for RH power, it makes no sense to trade Puig. I would consider Toles and Thompson for Braun for a win now situation, even if they pull off the trade for Dozier. They would still have Ethier and Van Slyke for backups with staters being Braun, Pederson and Puig. That could be the best lineup in NL, although still would not have a typical lead off hitter. But would have a lot of punch and we’ll balance between left and right.
    1 Puig RF R
    2 Seager SS L
    3 Braun LF R
    4 Gonzalez 1B L
    5 Turner 3B R
    6 Pederson CF L
    7 Dozier 2B R
    8 Grandall C S
    Without Dozier, maybe a blockbuster with Brewers to include Villar, who would lead off and play 2B. The Brewers have a hotshot SS waiting in the wings in Arcia. Trade Toles, DeLeon, Calhoun and Stewart but keep Thompson. Or include McCarthy or Kazmir and some cash.
    Villar is a SW hitter with pop and speed. He does strikeout a lot, but gets on base despite the Ks.

  4. GaryPeck1 I like your line up but I would trade Puig and keep Toles and Thompson. They both have great attitudes and speed. I want to lead Toles off. He hits and can steal…

    I do not mind them trading for Dozier as long as they do not give up too much….

  5. bluz1st To me it wasn’t the steroids that were so heinous it was all the lying about it. He went on several interviews and bold-faced lied!! 
    I thought he should have given the MVP to Kemp.
    Kemp stayed classy and refused to complain about it. I am not a Braun fan either, obviously.

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