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Dodgers: Will Smith On the Receiving End of Two Huge Blown Calls

It was a rough night in Minnesota for everyone on the field. Back in the dugout, Dodgers coaches even used heated jackets to try to stay warm during the game. The non-stop rain and cold wind were brutal, so you have to give everyone a little bit of a break. 

That would include home plate umpire Jerry Meals. The veteran strike caller missed a whole lot of calls last night, but perhaps none more unforgivable than the calls that went against Will Smith. The Dodgers catcher was on the receiving end of two HUGE missed calls during the win last night. 

The first miss came on a called strike three with the Dodgers and Twins scoreless in the 5th inning. Los Angeles would have had their leadoff batter reach in that inning against a rookie, and the call missed by 5.15 inches off of the plate, according to The Umpire Auditor. 

As a catcher, there is only so much you can say to the guy that is calling balls and strikes. You want him to be on your side and call pitches in your favor, so Smith only had one little questionable look back towards Meals after walking away. But the Dodgers catcher got another bad call later in the game. 

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With a very similar pitch, Smith once again missed out on a walk and got the strike called on him. Luckily for the Dodgers, he followed that up by lacing a double into the gap and driving in a pair of runs. Still, it was a tough night behind the plate for Meals. 

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