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Dodgers Sign Outfielder Steven Souza Jr to a Minor League Deal

The Dodgers already have one of the deepest rosters in all of baseball. That’s easy to see when they’re sending guys like DJ Peters and Keibert Ruiz back the minor leagues. But apparently, they want to make sure they’re as deep as possible. 

The Dodgers agreed to a minor league deal with outfielder Steven Souza Jr this week. Souza has signed with two different teams over the last two seasons. Most recently, he was released by the Houston Astros after a rocky Spring Training with the team.

Souza went 2-for-21 in his brief stint with Houston, adding in 5 walks and a homerun. He’s now a few years removed from the best offensive year of his career with the Rays in 2017. He slashed .239/.351/.459 but put up a .810 OPS and hit 30 homeruns. The Dodgers will likely lean on him if there is an injury. 

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On defense, Souza can and has played all 3 positions in his career. The Dodgers were thought to have been looking at DJ Peters in a backup role for the team, but Souza’s signing clouds that up a little bit. DJ had a great start to his Spring camp before trailing off and being optioned. 

Souza is also still battling to come back from a terrible knee injury in 2019 that threw off his career. In Spring of 2019.  he tore his left several crucial ligaments in his knee that kept him out of action until 2020. The Dodgers have not officially announced the signing or if he will be part of the taxi squad as of now. 

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  1. This signing does cloud it a bit as far as DJ Peters being someone to be used in a call up. But he also had every opportunity to show Dodgers he was improved with making contact and for the last 3 to 4 weeks in ST, Peters showed he wasn’t improved at all. One reason for Souza Jr. to get a minor league deal.

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