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Dodgers: Spring Training Fans Boo the Wrong Will Smith

If you haven’t seen the viral clip or read a news story by now, where have you been? When the actor Will Smith walked up on stage at the Oscars and slapped Chris Rock, the internet went into a frenzy for an entire week. But Dodgers catcher Will Smith was probably wondering why his name was trending all over the internet on Sunday night. 

This week, he got to laugh it off a little bit. With the Dodgers visiting the Rangers in Surprise, Smith got the welcome that only the actor desvered. As the catcher stepped into the batter’s box, the fans let them know how they felt…about the wrong guy. 

It was obviously in jest, as the Dodgers catcher is anything but controversial or hated. But he did slap a triple into centerfield. 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers went out and traded AJ Pollock to Chicago on Friday morning, much to everyone’s surprise. They swapped the veteran outfielder for former closer Craig Kimbrel, who will likely get some chances to close out games with his new team.

If you’re a giveaway fiend, you’re going to want to take a look at the Dodgers promotional calendar for this year. With so many bobbleheads and jerseys to get your hands on, it’s going to be tough picking which games to get out to the Ravine in 2022.

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  1. Really? This ridiculously erroneous story made it here? I’m losing patience with some you “reporters”. Check again and retract this terrible story. If you don’t understand why you should retract it, then I can’t help you…you are beyond help as a reporter/journalist.

    I come here for legit Dodgers news and information. This is nothing more than Faux News-level laziness in reporting a false “issue”. You are click-baiting. You got me to click here. Congrats. Now apologize.

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