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Dodgers: With AJ Pollock Gone, Who Gets Left Field?

The Dodgers went out and traded AJ Pollock for Craig Kimbrel on Friday morning. And while the shock of the trade left many concerned (plus the added factor of today’s date), the thoughts immediately shifted to what is next. That would include the outfield situation. 

There are a few routes that the Dodgers could go. They have multiple outfielders that could take on the position on a daily basis, but there is a clear answer as to who takes over AJ’s starting job. 

Chris Taylor

Easily the favorite to get the majority of the starts out there with Pollock gone. The Dodgers adding in Freddie Freeman meant that Taylor’s role would be slightly less defined. The plan was to mix him in since there will be a DH, but this opens up everyday opportunities for him out in left. Look for CT to be starting out there on Opening Day. 

Gavin Lux

No one benefits more from the Pollock trade than Gavin Lux. He was honestly likely on the fringe of players making the bench, but the fact that they’ve played him in left during Spring games means that they want to fit him in somewhere. Lux could easily get some starts out there against right-handed pitching in 2022. 

Jake Lamb

When the Dodgers signed Lamb, it was more of a depth move than anything. But his production in Spring Training gives him a very real shot of making the Opening Day roster, and playing him int he outfield means that they likely want to give him more chances. 

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Kevin Pillar

By far the long shot of this group. Kevin Pillar was signed as potential depth should the team need the right-handed bat down the stretch. They experienced that last year when they did not have big league guys ready. So while Pillar is probably not the guy right now, he will probably get starts.

Who do you think gets the most starts in left this year? Drop into the comments and let us know! 

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  1. Hanser Alberto looks like he can handle the utility infield role. That should free up Taylor for a more consistent role in left field.

  2. Taylor has earned the LF gig. Hanser Alberto can play multiple utility positions. Lux now has more time, less pressure to develop. Lamb is showing great potential. I wish Bellinger would get things together!

    1. Agree with all on Taylor being the primary option. He truly has earned it. Your comment on Cody is I am sure on everyone’s mind. Last I checked he was 3 hits in 24 AB”s with 17 K’s. His approach is no better than last season. This guy is on a serious downward spiral.

  3. I would start the season platooning Taylor and Belli in center. That at keast gives Belli a chance to start hitting. That leaves Lux, Lamb and Pilar in left depending on which pitcher they’re facing, lefty or righty.

    1. Dodger’s offense is still potent. Belli needs to hire Ken Griffey Jr. as his personal hitting coach. Belli has the tools…just needs to get his ego in check and at least watch the films of a HOF stud!

  4. One of the worst trades in Dodger history. Giving away one of our most consistent hitters for a closer that hasn’t been successful in the past 5 years is ludicrous! What were they thinking.

    1. Either way, Pollock was done. Don’t forget all the games he missed over those five years either. Plenty of options for left field not so much in closing games out or setting them up for that matter.

  5. Kimbrel on mound today, looks like he just got out of bed.
    The man needs a uniform upgrade. Those baggy pants are not professional looking.
    A shave and haircut needed.
    MLB needs a grooming code. The Dodgers, for sure, at least.
    The richest franchise next to NY Yankees should be better represented on the field and to the league.
    Would be great if Dodger President would read these comments.

  6. I would have traded Pollack for prospects. Meanwhile, our elite offense still can’t hit.

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