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Dodgers Staff Members Receive Their 2020 World Series Rings

The Dodgers know how to treat members of their organization right. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some key members of the club’s success got their very own version of the 2020 World Series ring on Monday afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti got his. And while he wasn’t exactly the architect of the championship team, his fingerprints are still all over it. Good for Ned to finally get his ring as part of the SNLA crew. 

And how could you NOT expect them to give one to Sue Jo? The social media extraordinaire brought Dodgers fans as close to the team as humanly possible during the championship run. It was especially appreciated in 2020 as fans weren’t able to attend ballgames in Los Angeles. 

We also can’t forget about our best good friend Mr. Erick V, and you knew he was going to come out with some crazy good pictures of the bling. I expect that this ring will make a lot of appearances in the future Twitter videos from our famous producer friend. 

You also can’t forget the Dodgers Foundation members, including the Operations and Marketing whiz. Erin Edwards is absolutely flexing on everyone with this ring.

Community Relations members Erika Sanchez is wearing hers PROUDLY. 

Hunter Kondo is the man behind the camera for so much of the good content coming from the Dodgrs. I can’t wait to see the videos that he comes out with to celebrate getting this huge ring. 

Jon SooHoo provides us with all of the team photos, so it’s only fitting that he got to step in front of the camera for the day.

And yes, the Dodgers do have a legendary graphics man that does some of the best work in baseball Ross Yoshida, you are a World Series champion. 

We’re so happy for the team and the players, but these people put in so much work every single year. They’re the faces that often don’t get the recognition that they deserve, so we’re proud to see them honored with these rings. Go Dodgers! 

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