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Dodgers: Stan Kasten Breaks Silence on MLB’s Astros Punishment

On Saturday during the annual FanFest at Dodger Stadium, players, Dave Roberts, and Andrew Friedman shared some thoughts on the Astros sign-stealing scandal that came to light this off-season. As they all showed varying levels of restraint when speaking on the subject, the sentiment was clear:


However, one notable and often polarizing figure missing from FanFast was team president Stan Kasten. Kasten was in New York to present Cody Bellinger the 2019 National League MVP award at the annual BBWAA Awards dinner.

Of course, Kasten tends to ruffle the feathers of Dodgers fans when he speaks more often than not of recent vintage, but this time he had a reason to be on the same page as fans.

As Kasten faced the media, questions about MLB’s report were at the top of the list for scribes.

Evan Drellich of the Athletic — who helped break the Astros news along with Ken Rosenthal — shared part of Stan’s comments.

We got the report. We read the report. We accepted the report. The next day, we went right back to building the best team we could to win a World Series in 2020.

As to anything more than that, let’s remember, this investigation isn’t over. And I really want to wait until it’s over to find out the things we don’t know. I’d like to have answers to many questions about what happened, by whom and when I don’t have any of those yet.

As you see the frustration build in his statement, one thing is fairly certain — MLB isn’t going to answer his questions.

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It’s been widely reported that Houston players were granted immunity in exchange for their cooperation in the investigation into the club and accusations against it.

Kasten continued.

And I’m also interested to read that the Astros plan to have things to say at some point very soon. I want to hear that also before we say anything more about everything that happened.

More recently, Astros owner Jim Crane issued a statement that said the club would formally apologize at the start of spring training. However, it’s less likely that players individually apologize for their participation in any acts of cheating. 

Even so, if more comes to light, and if players and the team apologizes, would that make you feel exceptionally better?

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I would feel better if the Astros 2017 title was voided. If they finally apologize, will they still be holding their trophy and wearing their rings at the same time. The hypocrisy would be a little too much for me. In that case any apology would just be empty words that someone else put in your mouth.

    1. I agree, vacate the title and let people make their own judgement on who or what the Astros really were.

      I loved this line though; “We got the report. We read the report. We accepted the report. The next day, WE WENT RIGHT BACK TO BUILDING THE BEST TEAM WE COULD TO WIN A WORLD SERIES IN 2020…”

      STAN, you just can’t get past the fact that the Dodger Front Office offers to others who really could have made the Dodgers the Best Team to Win a World Series in 2020 fell flat on there face. Admit to the fans that you had no plans to make a big splash in Free Agency and at least the fans will respect you for coming clean. Next year though, don’t say anything about free agency or who you may go after and then we won’t get our hopes up only to have them dashed again by the Greedenheim Group.

  2. Now that the Dodgers have gotten Alex Wood back, I think they should continue to make moves to make reparations for their 2017 & 2018 World Series defeats. MLB won’t strip the titles from the Astros and Red Sox, but the Dodgers can apprehend the ultimate crown in the best way possible by trading Joe Kelly for Brandon Morrow, Julio Urias for Rich Hill, and bringing David Freese out of retirement. AJ Pollock hasn’t succeeded, particularly in the postseason and Yasiel Puig is still available as a free agent. I realize Manny Machado and Yu Darvish are not available, but that’s a good thing.
    Putting the Dodgers World Series lineup back together would be the best possible way to give the Dodgers a fair chance to win the World Series in the way they should have been able to in the last two times around.

        1. Kobe died I don’t really care about the Dodgers anymore it’s so small and meaningless

          1. I feel your pain Don. One positive with Kobe’s passing. Maybe this will rally Lebron and the team to step it up yet another notch! We already know the org will add the needed players in their all out pursuit of the championship! So another Championship would be bittersweet for the City! The Lakers know what it takes to bring it home! The City needs a title more than ever. Its the only chance we fans have here..

          2. Don, I feel your pain! Lakers will rally, get the players they need and win yet another championship for the city!!

          3. I feel sad about this loss of Kobe from us as well. A great player and person was taken from us way too soon. But I am close to feeling the same way about how you feel about this Dodger team that is not ONE BIT better than last year and if Kasten and his side kicks think this is a good enough October team they are highly mistaken.

    1. Puig is a self glorifying jerk. I’m glad he’s gone, and don’t want him back. Teams need team players. Puig isn’t a team player. He also ranks very high all time for players who got the least out of their potential. If you put another head on that body, you could have had a Hall of Famer. Instead you have an average player who disrupts the rest of the team. Good riddance. That was a great trade the Dodgers made with the Reds.

      1. Yeah, I sure miss those laser throws to the plate for the assist! His 270 avg, and his Big playoff Homers where he gave us the leads only to have our pitchers choke! I was at a game and saw him throw a one hope dart to the plate from the track a few times. He was disgruntled because the money ball masters platooned him and refused to play him full time! But I know, its more important to be a good Friedman metric soldier.

        1. We get laser throws from Bellinger now and he doesn’t argue when the team tries to position him in the outfield. Plus he smiles and puts out every day and doesn’t make base running errors that takes the team out of big innings.

          1. Blue he had his faults but choking in big moments wasn’t one of them! Teams didn’t even try and take home on him! He made teams hit station to station! Bell is great also, think if Bell and he were still both out there. Pollock and Verdugo were his replacements. How did that work out in Oct? This team seems to find reasons to send players away when they need to be paid! Mark my word, just like Howie Kendrick, Puig will come back to haunt this confused money ball farce!

    2. Julio Urias for Rich Hill? What have you been smoking? I’d take Morrow any way they could get him but that would require effort by the Front Office so that won’t be happening. David Freese retired because it was time and he knew it… Let the man rest. I fr one would have liked to have seen Russell Martin back as the back-up and mentor to Smith and Ruiz, but I guess that is not going to happen. Too bad…

  3. I think there are two things as a result of the cheating scandal:
    1) We must make sure that this can not happen again in the future….maybe give the picture and catcher a wireless secure communication device of some sort so that there are no signs to steal.

    2) Forgive and forget. We can’t change the past and focusing on it will only interfere with the current season. We already experienced the pain after losing…why drum it back up now? Forgive and release it and complete focus on winning it this year.

    1. The idea of using wireless communication between pitcher and catcher is interesting. We need some proactive ideas like that going forward to prevent future cheating. Maybe we could make you the new commissioner of baseball. The current one doesn’t seem to have any ideas about preventing future cheating. All he wants to do is sweep everything under the rug, cross his legs, hum, and hope it all magically goes away.

  4. Most people would agree to remove the World Series titles from both teams the Astros and Red Soxs and anything else they received ( trophies, monies, etc). MLB shouldn’t be any different than any other sports when they find cheating. The people have spoken.

    1. I doubt that only the two teams that happened to win the WS were doing it. What are those odds? MLB needs to investigate and punish all teams involved. MLB did a much better job in 2019 to curtail cheating.

  5. Just like the ticket, merchandise,concessions,parking prices can’t be brought back down in prices,neither can the World Series results.

  6. Folks, kasten says the focus returns to preparing for the 2020 season…really? According to this off season, Dodgers have done little to nothing. I know what some others might say to me, why are improvements needed for a team that won 106 IN THE REGULAR SEASON? answer is simple: Dodgers played 76 games in their weak division
    They are no better as of now than the 2019 club that got bounced in game 5 in the 1st round
    Roberts will still do those same things over again with the lineups and pitching
    Since many feel Dodgers have the 2020 division already won (BTW I don’t believe so)
    Thus Dodger season actually begins in October and they are as of now not prepared

    1. Yep, the cheating scandal came along at a perfect time for Stan! The fan base was locked in calling him out, the articles here and on every fan site were calling them out! They lied once again to the paying customer promising huge off season changes! Blah blah blah… Spring training will hit and they will bring out the entire farm system to find out who exactly will be starting on their roster. Alex Wood will be given a spot to justify their big move! Trienen the same. If your a baseball fan of the minor league system, your sold on the Dodgers major league system. But if your a fan of the major league system, then you’ll be better off with the Yanks, Nat’s, Braves, Astros. I guess it all comes down to what kind of baseball you enjoy as a fan Paul. I see you like the major league system where veterans, big paydays for the best players play.

      1. Kirk in response to your above post it feel really special if the Lakers won for Kobe. The fans and team are definitely more together now as well

        1. I have a feeling the org is going to rise like they always do!!! So grateful we have the Lakers, they will go all out. No excuses, they won’t be victims, they’ re going after it!

  7. Since the commish doesn’t have the stones to police the game properly I would like to see the umpires get together and agree to give pitchers facing the Astros an extra 6 inches on either side of the plate In 2020. Oh well … I least I’m old enough to have seen 1981 & 1988 (sigh)

  8. I think the Astros n Red Sox be banned from playoff n world series contation, the Astros should be banned at least 10 yrs n give up WS trophy n rings n Red Sox for 5 yrs also give back rings n trophy that would be the best punishment for both teams to let them know that the league will not tolerate cheating period…..

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