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Dodgers: Stan Kasten Predicts Los Angeles Will Be One of the Last Teams to Host Fans

Major League Baseball is facing a whole lot of obstacles heading into the 2021 season. But the biggest obstacle of them all might lie in trying to figure out the financial side of things. The uncertainty surrounding attendance is a HUGE factor in that, making it all the more complicated. The Dodgers know all too well the effect of not having fans in the stands has on their overall financials. 

Unfortunately, the Dodgers might be one of the last teams to have fans in the stands in 2021. As reported on Tuesday by the LA Times, 1 of every 5 residents is likely to be infected with COVID-19 per recent reports. President and CEO Stan Kasten certainly understands what the team is facing, and he gave his predictions for fans in the stands on MLB Network’s High Heat

We do think that we will eventually have people in the stands, but because it’s California and based on the record the last 6 or 7 months, we may be last among all the states to have fans in the stands. I would say yeah, by the All-Star break we will have full stadiums I hope, but I certainly can’t count on it. Nevertheless, I do count on having a team that will contend for a championship again. 

If the Dodgers are one of the last teams to have fans in the stands in 2021, who knows what the financial impact would be. Another question to consider would be how it plays into payroll and the effect on other teams, specifically ones able to host fans.

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If anything, Kasten’s comments serve as a reminder that there is still much to figure out with the 2021 MLB season. If the Dodgers don’t know when they will be able to host fans, it should be a cause for concern for the whole league. The clock is ticking…

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  1. Kasten’s right. The 49ers were forced out of their own stadium . The Dodgers may be faced with the same lockdown mentality. Welcome to California. The shutdown state.

  2. Hey in California Covid is no joke, nor anywhere else but here in CA because of stupid selfish folks the problem is growing almost exponentially. Even if they allowed fans there is zero chance I would go toa game for this or even next season. Better we all keep safe, let the players find some sort of joy playing, and they do need fans somehow…

    This season needs to be pretty much a mirror image of last season. Just to keep players, families, even those “evil” execs like Kasten (hey that is just teasing, k folks?).

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