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Dodgers: Fans Protest and Start a Small Fire as the Facility of Frank McCourt’s Soccer Team

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Frank McCourt being bad at everything he does. The former Dodgers owner has had some issues overseas with his soccer team from the moment that he bought into them. That came to a head this week after fans had enough. 

McCourt has done about a good a job as an owner in Marseille as he did with the Dodgers. Just a few months ago, fans of the team went out all across social media demanding that McCourt sell the team and get out of France. His ownership has become a money-grab once again, much like his time in Los Angeles. 

Unlike the Dodgers though, fans in Marseille reached a boiling point this weekend. They assembled outside of the team’s practice facility and ended up throwing smoke bombs and firecrackers in frustration, even sparking a fire in the process. 

The local law enforcement says that 300 protestors attacked police officers in the process, and there were 25 arrests made in response. Marseille was 2nd in Ligue 1 when their season came to a stop due to the pandemic last season. Three straight losses have now placed them 14 points behind leaders Lyon, and their manager plans on quitting at the season’s end. Dodgers fans have heard all too much of this in the past. 

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  1. He’s bad at everything? Not true. He’s good at parking lots and selling sports franchises.

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