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Dodgers: Trayce Thompson Details Playing Alongside Clayton Kershaw As An ‘Honor And Privelage’

Trayce Thompson originally joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in the middle of last season via a trade with the Detroit Tigers. He came during a stretch where LA was suffering from injuries and he provided a much-needed spark amidst his arrival. The 31-year-old would fluctuate to end the season and his production wasn’t always consistent but he clearly showed potential of playing a significant role within the squad.

Thompson has also made it clear how much he values this opportunity to suit up for the Boys in Blue and contributed to the World Series expectations that others have voiced despite losing some veteran talent in the offseason. The younger brother of Golden State Warriors star, Klay Thompson, has expressed extreme confidence in his teammates and particularly looks to one to set the example for the entire group.

In an exclusive interview with our own insider Doug McKain, the veteran outfielder had some very high praise for LHP Clayton Kershaw and every aspect of how he approaches the game.

“He’s a great teammate, great human being as well,” said Thompson. He’s fun to be around. He brings energy to the field every single day, guys can feed off of him from all the other star players in here to a lot of the minor league guys that are going to start this year in the minor leagues.”

One of the biggest takeaways from this statement has got to be Thompson’s inclusion of how Kershaw’s impact trickles down all throughout the roster, no matter how talented the players are. A great leader commands the attention of everybody he goes to work with and LA’s long-time starting pitcher has clearly done so.

Thompson also highlighted the fact that Kershaw does not pick and choose who he invests his knowledge into. The nine-time All-Star treats all of his teammates with the same care and trust.

“He’s the same towards everybody,” said Thompson. “It’s been an honor and a privilege to be his teammate and he really just brings out the best in pretty much everybody he comes across.”

Kershaw recently hopped on the mound for his first Spring Training game this year. Despite his performance not being up to par, he hasn’t lost a single bit of confidence and reassured that he is just happy to get his body back in the flow of the game. Dodgers fans should be very excited to see the 2020 champion run it back for what could be one of his final seasons.

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