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Dodgers Trea Turner Rumors: Insider Believes 6 Teams Will be in the Mix on Free Agent Shortstop

MLB insider Jon Heyman listed his top 30 free agents in a column for the New York Post, with a list of interested teams and a contract prediction from an “outside expert.” Coming in fourth on his list is a name the Dodgers and their fans are quite familiar with: shortstop Trea Turner.

There are at least four top-notch shortstops on the free-agent market, which means there are also several teams losing their shortstop and looking for a new one. So Heyman’s list of interested teams is pretty lengthy, but he put the Dodgers first.

4. Trea Turner: Some think he prefers to go east, but he has said he liked Los Angeles and will consider all. Folks love him. Teams: Dodgers, Phillies, Cardinals, Red Sox, Cubs, Braves. Expert: $275M, 9 years.

There’s no new information in the little blurb, just regurgitated info about Turner’s reported preference to play on the east coast that has been shot down by Trea himself. The interested teams are understandable, too; the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Braves have their shortstops hitting free agency, and the Phillies, Cardinals, and Cubs are all looking for upgrades at the position.

The expert predicts a nine-year, $275 million contract for Trea, the exact same contract predicted for Carlos Correa, who is 15 months younger than Turner. Trea is heading into his age-30 season, although if he were a day or two younger he’d be heading into his age-29 season, which is weird. Correa is heading into his age 28 season, but he’s also coming off his worst defensive season (which was, to be fair, still a little better than Turner).

It’s hard to see the Dodgers giving Trea (or anyone) a nine-year contract this offseason. If that offer is out there, L.A. is probably saying goodbye. But if that lengthy deal isn’t out there, Los Angeles would surely love to have him back.

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  1. LA should have made an offer last off season when no one else could deal with him. But they don’t want a long contract. Now Dodgers get to deal with Boras and Correa (what could go wrong), maybe Swanson, or Xander. Opportunity missed, with old teammates Harper and Schwarber, and hitting coach K Long he will go to Phillies.

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