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Dodgers: Trea Turner’s One Year Anniversary in LA Has Not Disappointed

Andrew Friedman is a genius. That should probably go without saying, but it’s true. Last summer Friedman pulled off the impossible by acquiring ace Max Scherzer and star shortstop Trea Turner. The Dodgers weren’t able to keep Scherzer during free agency but they knew they had another year with Turner and it has not disappointed.

Today marks one year since Trea Turner made his Dodgers debut. Turner came in as the pinch hitter in the bottom of the 9th versus Anaheim at Dodger Stadium. Number 6 was greeted with a warm welcome by the Dodger faithful.


In his time in LA, the 29-year-old has played in 158 games, has 28 HRs, 105 RBIs, 202 total hits, 105 runs, and is batting at a .316 AVG in blue. Turner has been everything and more from what the Dodgers expected from him.

Having Everyday Trea as one of the big three (including Mookie and Freddie) has been one of the reasons why the Dodgers have a stranglehold in the division.

Without any talk of a contract extension, Turner is scheduled to become a free agent this upcoming off-season. Having one of his best seasons in the bigs and making his second all-star team this season, Trea is going to be a hot commodity in the market.

The Dodgers have a ton of depth and a great farm system, so possibly losing a guy like Turner won’t be much of a big deal. With that being said, the front office needs to do everything they can to keep the speedster with great hair in LA. Securing Trea and keeping the three-headed monsters in tact will most certainly increase the chances to bring home the commissioner’s trophy to Los Angeles every fall.

It has been noted that Turner is an East Coast guy, so hopefully, his time here in Los Angeles has been good to him. And, let’s hope that winning is his number one priority.

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  1. I have seen comparisons with and without him on the Nats as well. 106 games of that is with this years team. But it interesting to note that when you through in the games last year the winning percentage goes up.

  2. The top of the batting order with Mookie, Trea, and Freddy is the best I have ever seen on any baseball team. Ever. And probably the best defensively as well. If there is any way to go long on Trea Turner, I hope Friedman pulls it off.

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