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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Has Text Messages Released, Legal Hearing Set for Late July for Assault Allegations

In the case of Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer and the sexual assault allegations levied against him earlier this week, things took an even uglier turn on Wednesday. The Athletic released graphic details of multiple, abusive sexual encounters that we don’t need to re-tell here. But the actions from the encounters made the woman seek a temporary restraining order (ex parte) with her ultimate hope being that Bauer “engage in a medically appropriate therapeutic process where he can receive the treatment he needs to never act this way again,” according to The Athletic.

The Dodgers have already said in a statement that they will not comment on this ongoing matter, seemingly putting the onus of any punishment onto MLB. That could come between now and the next scheduled legal steps for Bauer.

Those next steps come on July 23rd where Bauer and his attorney have a formal ex parte hearing where he can plead his case. Here’s an explanation of that from The Athletic.

An ex parte is a temporary restraining order that does not grant the other party an ability to respond. The accused is notified of the allegations and given a formal hearing — in Bauer’s case, scheduled for July 23 — and opportunity to respond to refute any of the allegations. Bauer’s camp confirmed they plan to take part in the hearing. No formal charges have been filed.

Text Messages

Late on Wednesday night, Larry Brown Sports tweeted a series of text messages between Bauer and the woman provided by the Bauer camp. As you’d expect, the messages are lewd in nature. The post on Twitter was retweeted by Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba. 


The text messages were allegedly exchanged between the first (April 21) and second (May 15) sexual encounter between Bauer and the woman.

Dodgers Trevor Bauer Accused of Assault, Denies Allegations, Everything We Know So Far

Bauer is scheduled to start on Sunday against the Washington Nationals.

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  1. I wonder what “sticky stuff” he used. Rosin and sweat usually are inadequate for such applications.

  2. Clearly shows she asked for it rough and decided she could use that to get some money out of this guy

    1. Choking a woman until she’s unconscious and then beating and penetrating her is not consensual sex. It’s felony assault and rape. This guy needs to be off the team immediately.

        1. Clearly? Really, you must of had a camera and recorded it? No wait. You must be just like him. No one who is unconscious is consenting and just because one says yes to what they expect to be normal behavior doesn’t mean that concent can’t be retracted if the dude turns out to be nuts.

  3. The Dodgers were monumentally stupid to sign this POS. He has been a cancer wherever he has been. Nothing but trouble, poor judgement, and misdeeds. People who are 31 years old don’t change much. Why did they think his behavior would be any different than it had been in the past?

  4. Dodger fan for more than 50 years. This is it for me. There are better things to do with my time and money than support a sports franchise that preaches doing the right thing and does the opposite.Goodbye, Dodgers. Goodbye, Major League Baseball. Rot in Hell, Trevor Bauer.

    1. You’re an absolute idiot to think the dodgers franchise is ok with this if allegations are true. You’re probably the same guy who says I’m done with baseball every time someone makes a political statement

  5. More I read into this the guy needs help, he is sick. To work so hard to get that contract and beat up on anybody or any living being, he has to be out of his mind, no matter she encouraged it. MLB and LA Dodgers will send him packing w/ the zero tolerance for domestic and sexual abuse. Settle it quickly so everybody can move forward w/ little distractions.

  6. Already a distraction. The Dodgers were going to pull Bauer from his scheduled start on Sunday, which they should, but MLB has ordered the Dodgers to keep him on that start. Yeah sure, MLB wants to humiliate Bauer and the Dodgers after the news broke open all across the industry when the team is now on the road. Doc have said they’re going to follow the lead of MLB. Why encourage more distractions? Sit him for now, stand down until the hearing on 7/23, have to sacrifice the consequences of losing a starter but I guess we got it for acquiring a troubling player.

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