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Dodgers Issue Statement on Trevor Bauer Situation

On Tuesday evening, gossip site TMZ reported that Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer was under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman whom he had sexual encounters with at his Pasadena home.

More on that can be found here.

Bauer’s attorney refuted the allegations in a statement released soon after the news dropped. Jon Fetterolf said that Bauer and the woman engaged in two “meetings” where she spent the night and left without incident.

Fetterolf added that the two sides had not corresponded in more than a month.

During Tuesday night’s game, the Dodgers released a statement.

The Dodgers were made aware of the allegations against Trevor Bauer late this afternoon and immediately contacted Major League Baseball, which will be handling this matter. The Dodgers take any allegations of this nature very seriously, but will have no further comment at this time.

Bauer signed a 3-year, $102 million deal with Los Angeles in February that runs through the 2023 season.

Dodgers Trevor Bauer Accused of Assault, Denies Allegations, Everything We Know So Far

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  1. if Bauer truly has text messages from this woman requesting rough sex, and pictures, he should publish them and have the judge that issued the restraining order banned from the bench.

  2. “The woman drove to his home in Pasadena from San Diego”
    Was she part of a scam to set up a Dodger star by someone with a big wager on the Padres?
    Was she part of a scam set up by the Giants, using a San Diego woman?
    Sounds like a different spin on the recent Tennis scandal involving a huge wager.
    Was Trevor part of a scam set up to extort money from him by a criminal organization?
    Should other teams retaliate by sending women to stalk their rivals rkey players to take them out?
    The possibilities are endless, yes there should be an investigation, but MLB can’t find anything wrong with the Astros, so they should just stay out.
    Bauer is innocent until proven guilty, based on evidence produced in a court of law. End of story.

    1. Absolutely. Although this is very disturbing to hear, Bauer is innocent until proven guilty. I hope this investigation shows that the allegations have no factual basis and Bauer, as well as our Dodgers franchise, can move forward. Regardless of the origin of these allegations, Bauer should be more cognizant of the fact that his “off the field” conduct can have far reaching consequences.

      The Dodgers just swept the Giants and this is what we wake up to.

    2. Sorry John, but the “you’re innocent until proven guilty” standard in America isn’t the case with these type incidents. The man is always guilty until he can prove his innocence.

      1. I hope Bauer keeps throwing Hard Fast balls, hopefully his pitches are High and tight, and he grooves that back door slider. Hopefully he keeps location in and out, up and down. It’s all about angles and endurance so he can last at least 7 innings.

    3. Always trying to bring the Astros into the conversation. YOU have to really live under a rock if you believe every team wasn’t cheating but that’s the California way. Having said that he probably is innocent but we will see…..

  3. Cops should investigate this. But keep Manfred out of it. He has an uncanny ability to screw up everything he touches.

  4. It’s very disappointing Bauer would get involved in this kind of situation in the first place. You see it often w/ instant mega millionaires in pro sports who probably don’t have a strong advisory group to help guide these guys. He being a very intelligent person and not knowing there are sharks and gold-diggers and big time scammers everywhere trying to destroy you, your family, and the Dodgersnation is incomprehensible. Even if you’re innocent and I hope you are, this kind of distraction is not what the Dodgers want to tarnish the image of this organization. It doesn’t look good now that MLB and Manfred will be getting involved, considering your relationship w/ them. Hoping for the best.

  5. Let me guess, she’s Russian….This is stinking like the charges the Colorado floosy tried to pull on Kobe. No kidding about MLB doing nothing to the Astros, hopefully they let the professionals do the investigating.

    1. Manfred should be impeached! He’s messed up this game and should be left out of this investigation, especially since he let those heathen Astro players get away with murder And that’s how America operates as far as forcing certain. members of society having to prove their innocence first.

  6. Criminal or not, set up or not, consensual or not …… If he choked her to unconsciousness, gave her two black eyes and a swollen jaw, and all the other things she claims [and to some degree have been admitted by Bauer’s lawyer as consensual acts], don’t expect Bauer to don a Dodger uniform ever again. The comments here seem oblivious. Baseball is a kids game and players are role models for young boys. The Dodgers maintain a family friendly vibe, and the Dodger’s aren’t running out a guy who put a woman in a hospital with those kinds of injuries whether he has text messages of her begging for it or not. Not sure what MLB will do, but hard to imagine any team is going to take on that kind of public relations disaster, he might just have ended his career as a major leaguer.

  7. I’m sure Manford will handle this as well as he did the A.S. game involving MLB into a controversial political debate costing the city of Atlanta hundred of millions of dollars along with tarnishing the good name of the city for supposed racists views. He’s an idiot

    1. So, can’t you see Manfred just drooling and panting feverishly knowing he get’s to be the entity that determines his biggest critics fait? Disregarding Bauers 1st amendment rights and due process. Wonder if Madonna’s burning down the W. H.,or Snoops Presidents head on a stick applies to the 1st amendment. Go Manfed, the Giants and Padres are counting on you!!!!

  8. Dodgers have to take him out until mlb finishes investigation and gives a decision like they and other teams have done.

    1. Take him out? Anyone can drum up anything on anyone at anytime, so take him Out? Dirty texts don’t prove anything, civil rights and the 1st amendment are around for a reason. By taking him out says he’s guilty of something .I didn’t know it was illegal to get one’s kink on……Prove it, then start thinking about taking him out….I find it ironic as soon as Bauer once again chastises Manfred and the MLB that these alleged charges appear…..

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