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Dodgers: Watch Cody Bellinger Finally Running at Camelback Ranch

The Dodgers are in desperate need of some sort of spark to get them going. The hope is that they can find it on their own without any additional help, but they could be getting some guys back son regardless.

One of those guys they have been waiting on is Cody Bellinger. Belli suffered a hairline fracture in his leg after being stepped on in the Dodgers’ second series of the year. He’s been out ever since then. 

Up until now, Bellinger was still not running much on that injured leg. The Dodgers revealed this week that he was actually running about 60 percent capacity and Dave Roberts confirmed he was not yet at full speed. But his clip posted by Bellinger on his Instagram story will inspire hope

It still doesn’t appear that Bellinger is running at 100 percent. But the fact that he’s running at all is enough to have Dodgers fans buzzing online. His return won’t fix the lull that the team is going through, but it’s almost certain to help.

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Having Bellinger available allows for Dave Roberts some more flexibility with the Dodgers lineup. It frees up Chris Taylor to move around more defensively and to play matchups against left-handed pitching a little more efficiently. 

Bellinger had a tough start to the 2021 season before going down with an injury, albeit in a limited time. Through 4 games, Bellinger was 4-for-19 with 2 runs driven in and a pair of walks. Bellinger did not homer before hitting the injured list. 

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  1. On his return Bellinger will not be the spark that Tatis was on his return unless he has a return to his best days which were not that many..

    Residing in the East – I saw my first Dodger game in August 1940 at Ebbets Field ( as in 81 years ago) it has come to pass that the final game of a series-the getaway game as well as Sunday day games are the best. They have us watch sometimes repeat and sometimes unique ways to lose before it approaches midnight and later on the east coast. Has anyone noticed two things? Did not the dive start about the time they were calling this the best team in history? Also, as a lad I do not recall many players going down with injuries. They were so rare there was noting like the DL or IL back in the 40s. The 25 players on the team could be counted on to being there from opening day to end of season. Could the answer be too much over training leading to so many injuries?

    1. the players are so trained to the 9nth degree that problems are bound to emerge in hitters, fielders and pitchers. Old time teams didn’t train like we do today, and were not huge like today’s players. But everyone does this to keep up, so sad to say there is no going back.

  2. Need to play some small ball. Hit the ball the other way! Why are we trying to pull outside pitches?

  3. To see or not to see that is the question. Whats with the new baseball. Why did MLB decide to switch from last year and the year before that. The all important baseball is still evolving. The overall hitting average is down to a very lower number from previous years. So I am still trying to see the ball. I have gone to batting cages and the 90 mile an hour fastball is but a blur to me. I have to wait a few more months to see what the total average for all teams are to make up my mind. Good or bad. Always interested in other opinion’s

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