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Dodgers: Watch Joe Kelly’s Home Workout Mishap

It’s a tough time to be a Major League Baseball player. Not only are games suspended without a timeline, but getting your workouts in is difficult in a time where you have to isolate yourself from other people. The Dodgers’ Joe Kelly is learning that the hard way and his wife was there to document it all. 

Joe’s wife Ashley(@AshleyNicoKelly) posted a video of the Dodgers’ reliever getting his workout in on her Instagram stories. The result is hilarious, as you can see below. 

Kelly was working with a modified object that is actually a hockey puck with seams, and you throw it as to not make it wobble in the air. The goal of it is to train your release point and movement on a pitch, but this one got away from the Dodgers’ flame-throwing reliever.

The video continues a little bit and you get to see the glass all over the bed inside, but Joe and his wife were laughing about it. Kelly even offered on the Petros and Money show to have a window person in Arizona come out to his house in exchange for a social media shoutout. It’s certainly a tough time to have a broken window in Arizona. 

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The Dodgers signed Joe Kelly to a three-year deal back in December of 2018. His first season in Los Angeles was filled with ups and downs, but he is expected to anchor the back end of the bullpen whenever baseball gets to start again.

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