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Dodgers: One Mookie Betts Quote Gives Fans Hope

One of the biggest fears for Dodgers’ fans during this hiatus involves Mookie Betts. If the season were called off, that massive trade the team made in February could make it so that Mookie never plays a game for Los Angeles. 

If that were the case, the Dodgers would’ve traded Alex Verdugo, Jeter Down, and Connor Wong to the Red Sox for two years of David Price. Not that there is anything wrong with Price, but that would certainly be an overpay for a guy his age. 

Luckily, Dodgers fans got some hope from an interview on Wednesday. It was a whisper of hope but hope nonetheless. In an interview with Joe Davis, Mookie Betts talked about the transition to a new team, and that he was really starting to get comfortable when COVID-19 shut everything down.

It didn’t take long to get used to, the guys in there made it so seamless. It was like home. It was really home by the time all this stuff happened, and I definitely missed it. 

From what it sounds like, Mookie was truly starting to settle in with his new team after spending almost nine years in the Red Sox organization. If this is any indication of how the offseason will go, fans are maybe a little more hopeful that he signs a long-term deal with the Dodgers. 

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When it comes down to it, Mooke will do whatever is best for him and his family, and no one can fault him for that. But hopefully, his experiences so far motivate him to stay in Los Angeles for a while. More importantly, we all have to hope the season isn’t called off altogether. 

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  1. Isn’t his agent Boras? He will try to get Mookie the most money ? because he gets his take too! I doubt he will Be a Dodger next year. Money talks and we never give long term big money deals!

  2. Mookie is a goner,GET OVER IT!Dodgers should use the money to keep their own stars like Bellinger,Seager,Muncy Buhler and Julio,the last 2 will be the in the top 4 starting pitchers in 2 years.hope cheating Mookie never plays for the Dodgers!

    1. If Betts walks without ever playing a game for this team, or even plays via an overly shortened season, the sting of losing Verdugo with years left of team control will sting for a long time. Verdugo is a spark plug who is always fun to watch. We don’t have anyone like that except maybe Andrew Toles, but he has been out of baseball for a while now.

  3. Too bad we gave away Duggie for an over the hill pitcher.That’s something our stupid mgmt has to live with.

  4. Happy birthday Joc Pederson hope your all together soon so you celebrate . with your games and tv . you are still my favorite player on the dodgers. any field the best. god bless all you deserve the best.Go dodgers you guys got cheated. you were better than any team.


  6. When this trade happened I was the only one saying why it was foolish for 1 year of service (which we aren’t even going to get now) and now everyone is realizing it, I’m always ahead of everyone

  7. I was right there yelling that another Rental is not a good trade compared to what we gave up.
    And was only designed for the FO to save face. But not good for our team.

  8. With all the outfield talent the Dodgers have in the Minors and on the 40 man roster, they would be idiots to give Betts anything more than a 3 year contract because after 3 more years he will be an average outfielder with a downtrending hitting and fielding career.

  9. Jackski
    Muahahaha! This guy thinks we are actually going to sign Betts
    Good one

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