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Dodgers: Watch Trevor Bauer Prank Teammates in the Dugout

Lighthearted pranks in a big-league dugout are always a welcomed sight. Dodgers fans have seen their share of them over the years, including the classic hot foot prank on Scott Van Slyke a few years ago. 

This week, Dodgers fans got a little bit of a surprise in the way of dugout pranks. Trevor Bauer posted a video on his Youtube channel of him scheming up some plans on the recent road trip to Anaheim. 

In the middle of a pretty bad losing streak, that sort of fun might be just the thing the Dodgers need to reset. Watch as he gets some teammates with a few pranks, including giving Gavin Lux a tail made of tape.

Bauer also got Dodgers teammate with a cup on his head, but Dustin wasn’t having it. Just because you’re losing ballgames doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun. Los Angeles lost that series in Anaheim, but the boys look like they’re having fun recently. Let’s hope that fun carries over to the field.

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  1. Frankly the timing of pulling these pranks when the team is trying to get out of a big time slump is not right. More positive reinforcement and team commaradie are needed @ this moment. Remember what happen to the Kirk Gibson & Jessie Orosco incident back in Lasorda’s yr.? Now if they’re on a winning streak fun and games might be more acceptable between players. Funny to see Bauer being “pissed” and now goofing around —— kinda hard to believe him. How would he feel if this young studs pull these pranks to him right on camera. It can create some animosity in this trying time.

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