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Dodgers: Watch Will Smith the Catcher Meet Will Smith the Actor

Dodgers fans know the pain of trying to Google the stats for Will Smith only to have IMDB pop up in your search. Believe it or not, our Will Smith is not the most famous Will Smith out there. That honor would go to the real Fresh Prince, the Grammy Award-winning and Academy nominated artist and actor. 

This week, we finally got to see the two Will Smith’s at the same time. Will Smith the actor teamed up with the Dodgers catcher for a fan giveaway this week, and it was the first time that the two Will’s got to meet. 

Watch as the two Will’s do a Q&A with fans and award a trip to watch a Dodgers game to them in the process. It’s the crossover that we never knew we needed until this very moment. 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers topped the final payroll numbers for the 2020 season as announced this week by The Associated Press. Los Angeles came in under $100 million for the 60-game season in what amounted to a prorated salary year. 

If you haven’t seen it already, 3 Dodgers games came in on MLB’s top 15 list for games of the year. Chris Taylor’s walk-off throw was one of the top, with two playoff games coming in on the list as well. 

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Dodgers Top Payroll Spending in the Short 2020 Season With the Yankees Close Behind

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