Dodgers: Why Doc Went With Kenley Jansen Before Blake Treinen

It’s very easy to criticize a decision in games after the game has already happened. That would be the case with Dodgers fans and Dave Roberts in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. 

Never mind that Doc did not opt to walk the red hot Austin Riley with a base open in the bottom of the 9th. But Roberts also chose to go with Kenley Jansen in the 8th inning of a tied game. That set the stage for Treinen to come in and give up the walk-off hit to Riley after Ozzie Albies swiped second. 

After the game, Dave explained why he went with those guys in that order. And it sounds like the Dodgers skipper just liked the match-ups better for both arms in those spots. 

Doc explained how he has liked Kenley’s reverse splits across his career and how he has fared against left-handed hitters. He got Ehire Adrianza to strike out and Eddie Rosario to ground out to Justin Turner, making quick work of the lefties. 

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But the decision looms large only because of the fact that the Dodgers went on to lose. Regardless of the call, the offense once again failed to show up on a night where they were very much needed. If they had come through in the 9th inning, having a guy like Treinen available to close it out is ideal. 

The idea was there, the execution was not. 

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  1. Can’t blame Robert’s, I very rarely agree with his decisions ! I am not agreeing orgreeing nor disagreeing at this time .The realization is the offense failed again , maybe the Dodgers should not take Batting Practice… It can’t hurt .I think maybe other than Smith hitting a Homer , and Batnes making a good bunt ( should do more often ) not much to cheer about ,leaving runners on base.And where was Taylor or the Third base coach , who Taylor should have picked up on rounding second , no throw was even attempted I guess it’s easy to criticize , anyways let’s Go Dodgers !!!

  2. No reason to pitch to Riley. you have 1st base open. Also, could have pitched out cause the whole world new about the steal. pitchou twice if have 2 he is still gonna go. Or you can throw high and away fastballs see if Riley chases pops up or at least you have Smith in a better position to throw to second. You gotta manage these situations better.