Dodgers: Will Joe Kelly End Up Re-Signing With LA, And Did He Live Up to His Contract?

After the Dodgers faced Joe Kelly during the 2018 World Series, they clearly decided that they liked something they saw. They rewarded him with a big free-agent contract that has sort of worked out on one hand, and not at all on the other. 

But now, the Dodgers have a decision to make on Kelly. He is currently on the market, although we’re still in this neverending lockout. And the consensus was that Kelly would probably not be back in Los Angeles, but that thought might be shifting drastically. 

Kelly’s appearance recently with am570’s Dave Vassegh ended with him talking about his desire to return to the Dodgers. And at this point, it seems like a real possibility. 

The Dodgers paid Kelly a $27 million contract over 3 years coming out of free agency in 2018. That resulted in a couple of very rocky years with a  few legendary moments scattered in between. Against the Astros alone, Kelly became a fan favorite in Los Angeles. 

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That includes a moment with Carlos Correa that might be remembered in Dodgers history for a very long time. So what do you think? Should Los Angeles look to bring Kelly back when the lockout ends, or should they move on?

Drop into the comments and let us know what you think. 

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  1. Absolutely bring him back! He is a hell of a competitor and he still can bring the heat. He’s a great set up man and has the spirit and veteran savvy that will certainly bolster the Dodger Bull Pen.

  2. I would bring him back on an incentive contract. He can be dominating when healthy but he has had alot of mystery injuries and missed alot of time.

  3. This article would have been more informative if some stats were included. Like innings pitched each yr, era etc.Of the 3 yrs he had 4.58 era the missed much of the 2020 season then pitched well in his walk yr but missed considerable lkaying time.

  4. 17 could be valuable ‘ ace in the hole ‘. May have to tinker with that 9 M a year tho.

  5. Of course bring back Kelly. If Jansen leaves, you have Graterol and Kelly in the bullpen.

  6. He did not justify or “earn” his last salary but that is what happens in sports with injuries. Kelly is an incredible competitor & fits in well in the clubhouse. When he is healthy he can be dominate. Like others I would sign him to an incentive laden contract let him prove up…

  7. Yes Bring him back He does really good and throws the ball good. He is a good reliever and a good asset to the Dodgers. I like him and he is happy where he is. He may not be the best pitcher the Dodgers have but he is a good reliever and throws strikes and get other teams players out

  8. Sign him. He is an experienced reliever as well as a positive influence on the field and in the locker room . He also is a person who knows what it takes to win!

  9. Kelly is entertaining but not worth 9 mil a year. Not sure he ever was. He is definitely fun to have around.

  10. One thing I do know is that most of the time when they brought Kelly in, I felt somewhat safe. That says something.

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