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Dodgers: LA Times Writer Thinks Trevor Bauer Will Never Pitch for LA Again

Whether or not Trevor Bauer pitches again for the Dodgers is one of the main non-lockout storylines this offseason. Earlier this year, the pitcher was not charged with sexual assault by the LA County district attorney. Now, the next step is whether or not MLB will try to suspend Bauer. The Dodgers can in turn decide how they want handle the situation following MLB’s decision.

The LA Times Dylan Hernandez thinks that independent of what MLB does, Bauer will not pitch for the Dodgers again. 

“Thats a tough one. I think no…I don’t think so.”

Hernandez believes Bauer’s recent video was an attempt to improve his public image within MLB, not just the Dodgers.

“The video that he put out on YouTube after the decision was made to not charge him, that should have been his introductory press conference I felt. He acknowledges, ‘Was I around the wrong people? Did I make bad decisions?’. Honestly, those were all kind of the questions that he faced coming in. To me, that almost sounded like he was auditioning, his interview for his next job almost.”

The writer also believes that Bauer’s, at times, iconoclast nature doesn’t mesh well with the environment Clayton Kershaw helped build and what Mookie Betts brings from a clubhouse leadership perspective. 

“If you’re team like the Dodgers who’s built your team in a certain way…to go from that culturally, to a guy like Bauer, I think is problematic…I have a feeling that this thing has run its course.”

Hernandez’s take is not as strong as Bill Plaschke’s. The LA Times columnist called for the Dodgers to swiftly and surely cut all ties with Bauer in the wake of the pitcher not being charged.

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