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Dodgers World Series: Clayton Kershaw Breaks a Major Postseason Record

Sunday night was one of those rare moments as Dodgers fans where you get to watch Clayton Kershaw go to work on the biggest stage. Starting Game 5 of the World Series, Kershaw went to the bump to try and give Los Angeles the lead heading into the final 2 games. 

Coincidentally, Kershaw came into Game 5 just 4 strikeouts away from tying a historic record. He struck out 6 Rays batters and now is the career leader in postseason strikeouts with 207. Kershaw passed Justin Verlander on the list and now leads all pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball.

Kershaw also moved in 6th all-time for innings pitched during the playoffs with his Game 5 appearance. It also came at a time when the Dodgers’ ace was rewriting his own postseason narrative. For so long, Kershaw has been known as a guy that has only performed well during the regular season. 

With his 5.2 innings of 3-run ball, Kershaw might have made his last appearance of the 2020 postseason. He would finish up the playoffs with a 2.93 earned run average and 37 strikeouts through 30.2 innings and 5 starts. He would also move to 13-12 all-time in his postseason career for the Dodgers.

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  1. Kershaw is fortunate that Verlander is injured or Justin would have the record. This should have been mentioned in the article.

  2. That should be mentioned in this article because…..? You have mentioned it, and it does not take anything away from Kershaw’s accomplishment. Whether Verlander “would have or could have” does not matter. Your comment is conjecture (no matter how likely or unlikely it is) that “but for” Verlander’s injured status, he would have the record for the most strike outs in a postseason.

    Congratulations, Kershaw for solid performances in this World Series and your accomplishment. GO DODGERS!!!

    1. Oh….and by the way…Kershaw has pitched 189 postseason innings and Verlander pitched 187 2/3 postseason innings: very comparable. Also, Kershaw was at a disadvantage to get strikeouts during the 2017 World Series. As we all now know, Verlander’s teammates knew what pitches Kershaw was going to throw…just saying.

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