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Dodgers Writer Identifies Best Fits for Pedro Baez in Free Agency

Fresh off a World Series win, the Dodgers have their work cut out for them in assembling a team to repeat in 2021. If you’re up to date on the offseason headlines, you know that third base appears to be the focus in the early goings for Andrew Friedman and LA. However, in the bullpen, three key contributors from 2020 are on the open market in free agency.

Lefty surprise Jake McGee, right-handed workhorse Blake Treinen, and long-time stalwart Pedro Baez. While the rumors on the hot stove have been slow to materialize, one baseball writer took to identifying some potential landing spots for Baez, if he does end up leaving LA.

Moreover, LA Times scribe Jorge Castillo dug into the free agency of Baez and what his market could look like over the coming months.

In short, chances are that we’ve seen the right-hander’s final game in Dodger blue. The club has some payroll concerns coming down the pipeline with several stars hitting free agency over the next few years. With that, offering a contract in the ballpark of what Baez is looking for might not be in the best interest of the front office.

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Importantly, Castillo notes that LA in fact offered the embattled reliever a multi-year contract last winter, but he declined.

The Dodgers offered Báez a two-year contract last winter, according to a person with knowledge of the situation not authorized to speak publicly, that would’ve kept him under team control through the 2022 season. Báez wanted a three-year deal and declined the offer, confident he could get a better contract on the free-agent market.

The 32-year-old Baez pitched on a $4M deal in 2020, albeit adjusted for the 60 game season. It’s safe to say if he’s looking for a raise and multiple years, he’s not getting it in Los Angeles.

With that, the LA Times writer identified some other potential destinations for the free agent.

BEST OTHER FITS: Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers, Blue Jays.

For the greater part, Baez has been consistent but rarely exceedingly dominant over his 6 seasons in LA. And with his checkered postseason history, moving on is likely in the best interest of both parties. At least Petey would be wrapping up his Dodger tenure by going out on top.

What are your thoughts on a potential return for Pedro Baez?

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  1. Pedro Baez is appreciated, he got his World Series ring…and now Dodgers can move on and put one of their minor league prospect studs in the Baez spot as Dodgers front office with Baez well with his new team

  2. I view Baez like I did Yimi Garcia in 2019. Both solid relievers that the Dodgers can let walk. In the Dodgers system relievers like this grow on trees. Time to pick another.

    1. Jonathan, I have to agree with you. I grew up in West LA but am now a transplant in Colorado. I’ve had years of experience watching Arenado and I concluded that he is a terrible “clutch” hitter in spite of a batting average that is higher than JT’s. Even with his diminished defense and batting average, JT is three times the clutch hitter than Arenado.

      1. Batting average with RISP, career, both have been outstanding, but Arenado at .323, a little better than Turner at .312.

        1. And RISP and two outs, Arenado.314, Turner .274. Don’t get me wrong, I love Turner and what he has meant to the Dodgers, but if you can get Arenado, you get him. And if the universal DH is extended, sign Turner too.

  3. As the FO says to Baez while holding the exit door open, “We’d be happy to have you back with us, but you will not find what you’re looking (years and money) for here.”

  4. Baez has been very consistent. Way more so than someone like Kelly, who they threw too much money at. I’d welcome him back for the right,price.

  5. I found it interesting that we did not protect deGues from the Rule 5 draft. Maybe with the return of Price next season the Dodgers are planning to make Urias a reliever??

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