Dominant at 35: Dodgers Legend Clayton Kershaw Compared to NBA Legend Steph Curry

The baseball season is in full swing, and your Boys in Blue will look to make a strong push for that commissioner’s trophy, and it could be at the heels of their veteran and future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw.

Still, the savvy veteran ace is dealing with the best of them, and it’s been an absolute delight to watch. Just when you think he’ll slow down, he does the exact opposite and extends his prime as much as he can.

Kershaw is still performing with the best of them at the tender age of 35. 35 isn’t old, but in the sports world, he’s up there in age; however, you wouldn’t be able to tell with his play. The lefty ace is still killing it; similar to another 35-year-old from another sport, Golden State Warriors NBA guard Stephen Curry. Curry’s team, the Warriors, are taking on the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the Western Conference semifinals, and he’s still on the top of his game.

Kershaw was asked how he’s “extending” his prime (similar to Stephen) but said he doesn’t view it as such.

“I think I’m not putting up 50 in a playoff game, that’s for sure. It’s just what you expect of yourself. I don’t think of it as ‘your prime’ or how old you are, you’re supposed to go pitch and supposed to go pitch well and that’s what you get paid to do. I don’t really think of anything other than that and I’m not worried about extending what ever this is right now for me. I just want to pitch good my next start and that’s about as far in the future as I look.”

Clayton Kershaw, SNLA

Injuries have been roadblocks for the 35-year-old, but he’s skilled and determined enough to make those injuries not affect his play. Kershaw has been through a lot of wear and tear, but that doesn’t let him slow down. He has the will, competitiveness, and love for the game to keep pushing and pitch at a high level.

It’s extraordinary to witness, and it’s great to see that he still has some gas left in the tank. Curry and Kershaw are both greats in their respective sports. The two are still doing their thing, as well as striking fear in their opponents.

Father Time may not be on their side, but don’t tell them that.

Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).

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  1. I’m a Baseball fan, a Dodgers fan, a Kershaw fan, even a Lakers fan, but while I’d rank Kershaw one of the all time great pitchers, I think Curry is even better and has had more of an impact changing the game of Basketball, turning it into more of a scoring game.

    Curry may, or maybe not, end up in the discussion of who is the best all time player in Basketball at the end of career. Kershaw will not get that in Baseball, at least not without another 150 career victories.

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