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Former Astros Slugger Confirms Cheating vs Dodgers, Kershaw in World Series

It’s been a wild few hours on Twitter for former Astros slugger Evan Gattis who opened up about a number of topics in replies to fans online. As you’d imagine, it didn’t take long for him to get questions about Houston’s sign stealing and cheating during the 2017 season.

The big surprise is that he actually answered them.

There is a lot to sift through from the info dump by Gattis. But here are a few highlighted tweets. First, the big one. He admitted the Astros knew what Clayton Kershaw was throwing (presumably in game 5 of the World Series).

Update: please note some of these tweets have since been deleted by Gattis and will appear as quotes.


On cheating away from Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Thoughts on baseball being hard even while cheating.

He also admitted to an ALCS home run coming off a trash can bang.

He also accused the Dodgers of something but, as usual, with no details of any sort.

On the buzzer accusation.

On nearly getting caught and thoughts on whistleblower Mike Fiers.


We’re still talking about something that happened more than five years ago now, so it feels like beating a dead horse. But it is interesting and refreshing to see the former big leaguer open up.

Gattis played six seasons at the big league level, four of those with the Astros — including in 2017.

More reactions to come on this.

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  1. Dodgers still crying – known cheaters themselves. Couldn’t hit in that series. Whiners and losers.

  2. What can you say ? First of all it’s Baseball , America’s Sport . Cheating in Baseball is for Loser’s and that smell will follow the Astros for ” Life ” …. !

  3. Geez….are we still talking about this?? They won last season with no bs! It’s over, and they are not the only team throughout baseball history to have done it. Is it right…no, but the horse is dead!

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