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Former Clayton Kershaw Teammate Says He’ll Be Back With Dodgers

As the offseason gets going for the Dodgers, one of the biggest storylines around the team is what will happen with future Hall-of-Fame pitcher Clayton Kershaw. He has flirted with retirement in the past, and while he did have a solid year, his postseason appearance left much to desire.

Kershaw couldn’t even get himself out of the first inning of the team’s NLDS game, and he entered the offseason with a shoulder injury. It remains to be seen what he will do this offseason, but one former teammate doesn’t see him hanging it up just yet.’s Doug McKain spoke with SportsNet LA analyst Jerry Hairston Jr. about the Dodgers season, and Hairston Jr. seems to believe that Clayton Kershaw will be back for another season. You can see the entire segment here!

“I know Clayton… but I don’t know [his plan]. That’s the God’s honest truth. If I were a betting man, I’d say he’s gonna be back. I think he has to give it one more chance.”

Per Jerry Hairston Jr. via The DodgersNation YouTube Channel

If Hairston Jr. is correct, then Kershaw would have to choose between the Dodgers and possibly the Texas Rangers. With Texas making it to the World Series this season, they now have become an attractive option for him to consider.

While it would hurt to see Kershaw wearing another uniform, fans would support his decision to take his talents to his hometown. He has done so much for this Dodgers organization, and he has earned the right to choose his fate.

If Kershaw does return to the Dodgers, it would likely be in a different role. He isn’t the top-line starter any longer, and Hairston Jr. alluded to that as well.

“I want to see Clayton Kershaw in the role that Greg Maddux [had at the end of his career]. A fourth starter. Veteran guy who could be there, add value, and help the young guys out. But also, when you need a quality start, he’s there. We can’t ask Clayton Kershaw to be a number one starter because he’s not that guy anymore. And that’s ok, he shouldn’t be that guy anymore. He’s done so much.”

Per Jerry Hairston Jr. via The DodgersNation YouTube Channel

If Kershaw does return to the team next season, it would be a welcomed sight for all. He has been a valuable part of the organization since he arrived in the big leagues, and he deserves to go out in a better way.

“For that to be his last time on the mound, I just can’t picture that.”

Per Doug McKain via The DodgersNation YouTube Channel

The last image of Kershaw sitting in the dugout after another poor postseason performance would be a tough view to swallow for fans. The hope is that he can return next season, and just maybe the team can send him off with another World Series victory.

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. I think Clayton Kershaw should be the closer much like Dennis Eckersley who went from starter to closer he would very valuable coming out the pen in crucial moments,who knows he could even win another Cy Young award.He can still be a productive pitcher and preserve his arm in this role and still come in as a starter if needed.Kershaw has smarts to skill to still get hitters out and him coming out the pen could crush any opponents come from behind push imagine Kershaw coming in for the save the fans and music hyping him up even more electrifying than Eric Gagne with all do respect. I would hate to see Clayton play for another team and to retire without trying to redeem himself, I want him to retire on a high note and in Dodger Blue.

    1. Kershaw should not be a closer. He always starts slow and frequently gets into trouble in the early innings of his starts. It’s like he needs time to get in sync. What makes you think he can come into the 9th and easily retire the side? Maybe if the Dodgers have a big lead.

  2. Go to Texas,Arizona,Philly,hell go to Alaska! Anywhere but the FAILING organization that is the Dodgers!

    1. Hey LA42, It sounds like you need to go find a new team. It sounds like you’d be much happier if you did that.
      I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1955. I have followed them through many ups and downs. They are my chosen team and I’ll always support them. No one is perfect and no manager or administrator makes the right decisions every time. No player is perfect all the time. Those are just the basic facts.

  3. There’s always this talk about Kersh choosing between LA and the Rangers (where he lives). Maybe I’m missing something, but why does everyone assume he automatically has the choice to pitch with the Rangers? Did they extend a standing offer to him or something?

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