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Former Dodgers Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez Have a Fun Super Bowl Bet

While our attention is mostly focused on the game of baseball, the NFL has two big title games this weekend. For good reason, we have a little added reason to pay attention to the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

Notably, Adrian Gonzalez has made a bet with Matt Kemp. Both former Los Angeles Dodgers have a dog in this fight, and Gonzalez brings his ‘A-game’ with this video on his Instagram. After making a billiards shot like a pro (A-Gon shot that six times to get it just right, didn’t he), he challenges Kemp.

Gonzalez begins this like a slow pro wrestling promo in giving Kemp the bet of a lifetime.

“That’s a win. You know who is also going to win? The Packers. Everybody knows my second favorite team is the Packers, because of Aaron Rodgers. A good old teammate Matt Kemp’s favorite team is the 49ers. Matt, here’s your chance. You are with the Marlins now, and the Super Bowl is in Miami.”

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Then, comes the big ante for both former Dodgers’ players.

“I bet you one Super Bowl ticket, the Packers beat your 49ers.”

Indeed, the 49ers enter the big game Sunday favored by a touchdown; but Gonzalez is so confident that he likes the Packers to just win outright. Recall that the 49ers are at home and defeated the Packers 38-7 earlier this season at Levi’s Stadium, and you have to give Kemp the edge.

Importantly, Kemp notes in his Instagram post that he sits in the “good seats” and follows up by telling A Gon, “no being cheap!”

I am one guy who doesn’t care who wins in the NFC game, I just want to be able to watch the Chiefs and Andy Reid in the Super Bowl. Still, it’s great to see two former teammates having a little fun with each other and betting Super Bowl tickets on their favorites teams.

These guys are more like you and I then we might imagine.

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