Freeway Series: Fan Experience From Dodger Stadium

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Although the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have been playing each other for years, the annual Freeway Series has a different feel this time around. Driving into Chavez Ravine, the excitement and anticipation was immediately seen and felt.

Dodgers fans have a reputation of arriving late to games, but that was not the case Tuesday night. The parking lines were plenty long an hour before the scheduled start. Signs at the parking booths noted the game was sold out and the parking attendant was sure to ask if you had game tickets before accepting payment for a parking pass.

One of the ongoing issues at Dodger Stadium has always been traffic flow and parking. With thousands of fans arriving at the same time — early — it took a while to get to a staff directed parking spot.

For further emphasis on the number of fans who arrived early, I didn’t receive the promotional hat giveaway as the supply had run dry.

In the walk towards the stadium from the parking lot, it was evident a good number of Angels fans were on hand; however, Dodgers fans still significantly outnumbered their AL counterparts.

The crowd was immediately drawn into the game as Clayton Kershaw faced Mike Trout in the first inning for the first time in a regular season game. Although Trout won the battle, Dodger fans had reason to cheer when Albert Pujols hit into an inning-ending double play.

When Juan Uribe hit his three-run home run and gave the Dodgers the lead, the crowd found life again and cheered loudly until the inning ended.

Come the third inning, I decided it was time for a restroom break and to get food. While the time I spent waiting in line to order my food wasn’t out of the ordinary, the wait for the food was a drag.

During my $17.25 wait (two Dodger Dogs and nachos), I kept up to speed by watching the TVs that are stationed throughout the concourse.

The onion dispenser was empty, but I didn’t bother to find another since I didn’t want to miss any more of the action in what was shaping out to be a back-and-forth contest.

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