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Gavin Stone Debut: Dave Roberts Talks About What Stands Out with Dodgers’ Prospect

The stage is set for the MLB debut of Dodgers number 4 prospect Gavin Stone this afternoon at Dodger Stadium. Dave Roberts took a few days to confirm what everyone already knew. Even Clayton Kershaw confirmed the move before Dave and the Dodgers did…

While he wouldn’t confirm Stone was starting before the game on Tuesday, Dave was still asked to share some takeaways on the right-handed pitcher that has rocketed through the farm system since being drafted as one of the last handful of picks in the 2020 draft.

The main takeaway? Don’t let the young face fool you… the kid belongs in the bigs.

“Outside of looking at the baby face, I guess — the boyish look, he looked like he had been around a lot longer with the way that he carried himself. There’s a confidence. There’s a curiosity. There’s an openness. And also, now when he’s on the mound there’s that bull dog in him.”


During spring training, Austin Barnes shared a similar sentiment in a chat with, saying liked the presence and the way the 24-year-old carries himself on the mound.

Just about everyone that has covered Stone to some degree throughout his rise through the minor leagues has something like that to say. So we have one of those the reputation precedes him situations as Gavin makes his debut.

Roberts continued.

“And on his skillset, I didn’t appreciate (during spring training) how good his command of the fastball was. Obviously he’s got a plus change up and he can spin the baseball. So, all of those components I was impressed by.”

After a bad first start of the season, Stone has been really good at Triple-A Oklahoma City. He has a 2.86 ERA over his last five starts after allowing 6 earned runs in his 2023 debut. And he’s been even better than that in his last two outings preceding his call up, allowing 1 run over 9.2 innings. He’s struck out 15 batters during that stretch.

Clayton Kershaw Really Likes What He Sees From Gavin Stone

As one last fun thing to leave you with, the ace talked about Stone on the eve of his MLB debut.

“Gavin, he was around us all in spring training — he’s just got such a level head about him. I’m sure he’s gonna have some nerves and emotions tomorrow. When he pitches, I think it’s going to be pretty awesome to watch. He’s got a really good demeanor, man. I really like the way he carries himself, handles himself. I didn’t give him any advice, but he’s gonna be fine.

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