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Julio Urias Called Back Up as Dodgers Send Alex Wood to Disabled List

Last week, Julio Urias made one of the most anticipated debuts in recent major league history versus the New York Mets. He pitched 2 2/3 innings and ended up giving up five hits, walking 4 batters, striking out 3 hitters in 81 pitches.

Urias was quickly sent back to the minors the following day, which is understandable and honestly, expected from the Dodgers organization as they try their best to realize the full potential of baseball’s brightest prospect. Wood just started for the Dodgers yesterday versus the Cubs and has been amazing at home while figuring out his rhythm on the road.

The Dodgers are returning home this weekend with Clayton Kershaw scheduled for Friday and Alex Wood being scheduled for Saturday, so that might be a possible date that fans in Los Angeles can see the young prospect at Dodger Stadium. Check back for the latest on his pitching status.

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[graphiq id=”eYO2tbWAPkx” title=”Alex Wood 2016 Complete Pitching Splits” width=”600″ height=”699″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Alex Wood 2016 Complete Pitching Splits | PointAfter” ]

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  1. Do not expect this kid to pitch a lot of innings. They are going to be very careful with him

  2. Michael Norris Wasn’t the bullpen taxed enough in the 5 to 0 win? I live in Chicago, and it’s a circus atmosphere. So his first start is in the Big Apple, now he’s in the most raucous atmosphere maybe in baseball. What happened to easing him into the fray? Couldn’t they find just one of the veteran rag arms not on the disabled list that they signed over the pass few years? There was a truck load of them. The Cubs will probably win this game regardless, since Kershaw is not on the mound. It’s gotten this bad where they couldn’t save the kid for LA.

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