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Los Angeles Dodgers facing Lawsuit from Angels Fan Claiming Attack

Security at Dodger Stadium has been taken very seriously in the past few years and despite our Unwritten Rules to Dodger Stadium Safety, there are going to be some occasional outbursts of ignorance during a game.

On June 26, 2017, an Angels fan by the name of Angel (yep, of course) Garcia claims that he was attacked a game at Dodger Stadium by a drunk Dodgers fan.

Sitting over in section 309, yes, Mr. Garcia had 12 seats, 10 in row T and 2 seats in Row S while dressed in an Anaheim Angels jersey to support his team. With so many seats and LA traffic being as it is, Mr. Garcia’s friends had yet arrived, so Garcia claims that a man and a woman who looks to have been from seats in Row C sat in his seats in Row S.

Garcia claims that the fan ignored his requests to vacate the seats, which the causes some yelling to start, which then started this fight.

Garcia is suing the Dodgers for negligence, since they weren’t able to instantly appear once the fight began and of course, the attackers for assault and battery.

This is a reminder to check out our Unwritten Rules to Dodger Stadium Safety.

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  1. One thing I hate about going to Dodger games, is security always, and I mean always allows people from the cheap seats to make there way to lower level seats since people that paid for them either didn’t show or arrived late. I really wish ushers and security would do their job and check ticket holders and if people cheated their way to more expensive seats, make them go back to the seats they paid for or kick them out. I don’t know any Dodger fan that appreciate’s the Dodgers Org for always allowing this to happen. I’d rather go the Angels stadium as a Dodger fan than go to Dodger games and always have to tell someone to get out of my seat.

  2. Move to that Long Beach location by the water that the Angels wanted. Get away from that east side trash. A guy shouldn’t have to get his ass kicked for telling someone that those seats are taken. The classier part of the fanbase is down here anyway as well as us OC fans who will be closer and able to attend more. It will be a much more safe and enjoyable experience for Dodger and visiting fans, plus, those east side trash fans are bad luck

  3. Since I have been taking my 2 year old to the games and I don’t want to be nervous about line drives into the lower level seats, I have been getting seats up in the left field pavilion. Out of 8 games attended this season, literally 8 times someone was already sitting in my seat when I got there.

    1. It’s called the “Mexican Upgrade.” When those in the cheap seats, sneak their way to the better seats, without having to pay the difference. LOL

      1. If someone is sitting in your seat especially in the rows closer to the field there are literally ushers there that ask you for your ticket so it’s really not to hard to say something to them to avoid an unnecessary fight, not rocket science. Second, why does it have to be called the “Mexican Upgrade” and not just getting seat jacked, so I’m gonna assume you’re a racist and every point you make is invalid.

      2. The article said that the angels fan was in row S and row T. The people who were sitting in their seats came from row C. That’s going up to cheap seats not down to better seats.

  4. No disrespect to the angel fan but there’s always two side to the story and why sue the Dodger organization sue the man that attack you.

  5. Dodger fan since ‘77. Never had a problem with my seats. I always move around, and when someone says I’m in their seat, I move. Sounds like this guy was asking people to move from seats that were empty. That said, you ask an usher to assist you, they will. You act stupid and talk crap yer gonna cross the wrong person. Went to Giants Stadium, and Angels Stadium, when I was younger and fans would try to start a fight with me. Guess what, I walked away.

  6. I have never had an issue at Dodger Stadium, but the ghetto element is a huge presence. They are part of the old Raiders’ crowd. When the Raiders left town, their fans had to go somewhere, so they made Dodger Stadium their new home. The other issue is the alcohol. Restaurants and bars are legally responsible if a patron gets drunk at their establishment and then proceed to drive away and cause injury in an accident after leaving. Dodger Stadium makes so much money from alcohol sales, that they take the occasional fights as the cost of doing good business.
    Like traded players always say, “It’s business.”
    The day the Dodgers start becoming a third place team, is the day Dodger Stadium becomes a ghost town. No one will put up with the ghetto element and a losing team. By then, cable companies will become desperate and start showing them on TV.
    Sad. but true.

  7. I am a die hard Dodger fan but wtf fans why do you allow us fans to be labeled as mere trouble makers….grow up and enjoy the game and if you can’t control your alcohol stay home and watch it

  8. There’s a lot of racist, stuck up, “better than you” , trash making comments on here. If you’re either too good or too scared to go to Didger games, then stay in the OC o r wherever you live in you’re glass castles and stay away the “EAST SIDE TRASH”. I dont even live in Cali anymore. I moved to SLC from Santa Barbara, which most people would say is a rather upper class area. I have friends that are “east side trash” who aren’t at all like what you racist snobs are describing. And dont go there about me moving and not being a true fan, be a)I moved because of having better medical options at the SLC VA for my TBI and epilepsy caused by a roadside bomber on the last of my 5 combat deployments with the Amy RANGERS, and b) I bought the MLB package and watch almost every game. If anybody feels like challenging me, then step up. For everybody that’s not making racist comments, have a Dodger Blue day!!!

  9. Mr. Hicks…Regarding the label, “east side trash”… No one said “Hispanic” or pinpointed any race; you assumed it. Trashy behavior or acting badly is not the province of *any* race — these days consideration, manners and “doing the right thing” went out the window with the birth of the Millennial generation and the digital age. Hispanic kids, certainly white kids, black kids — we can point the finger everywhere because in this country we have lost the will to do and be good. But I do know one thing: eye contact, a smile and carefully chosen friendly words can usually defuse a tight situation. If not, get an usher. No one available, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

  10. How about no alcohol at any game! Humm, what a concept. There’s only one thing worse than a trash talker and that’s a drunk trash talker. Why do you need alcohol at games you already got a bunch of losers ( The Angels) lol.
    A Dodger Fan

  11. Mr.Garcia is a liar. I’m in the video and sat in front of Mr. Garcia momentarily. My family and I had the whole bench vacated and paid for, I believe I still have my electronic ticket in email. It was about 20 of us, kids included. Some of our family members attending were wearing angels uniforms, it was not a dodgers angel rivalry fight. The fight was started by Mr Garcia. He swung first way before the video recording started. I arrived late, 2nd inning in fact, and at that time, Mr. Garcia was already being highly rude and disrespectful. The fight occurred somewhere around 7th to 8th inning, really, so his claimed friends on there way haven’t made it in yet? No one in my family acknowledged his disrespectful comments, no one even turned around to look at him but you could hear whatever girl he was sitting next to kept telling him to shut up all through out the game. He would of gone home safely if it wasn’t for him swinging at my cousin first. Angel caught a fly ball to the out field and after the catch was made Mr. Garcia put his face to the back of my cousins neck and said, “How you like that? You little B***h?”, and swung as my cousin turned around. Paramedics showed up, security showed up and multiple witness already confirmed mr Garcia was being disrespectful and disruptive, initiating the fight the night of the incident. This clown is ridiculous!

  12. So he got to the game in 8th inning? In his own statement he stated that asked someone to move from his seats, which in turn started the fight. I’m just wondering, Why did he wait the entire game before apparently asking them to move???
    Absolutely ridiculous…

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