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Max Muncy: Dodgers Were ‘Dominated’ Across the Board by Streaking Arizona

Once again, the Los Angeles Dodgers have failed to get out of the NLDS, this time being swept by the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks. After a season that saw them overcome all obstacles to win 100 games, the team fell flat under the October lights once again.

Is it the multiple-day layoff between the regular season and the postseason? Do the Dodgers just have playoff anxiety? Or does the strategy that works over the course of a long 162-game season need to be shifted when the games get tighter?

Infielder Max Muncy spoke about whether or not the Diamondbacks had momentum from their wild-card series win.

“It felt like that throughout the series, I don’t know know if they got that from the Wild Card or not. But, they were definitely the team that was getting the hits, they were the team that was making the pitches, they were making the plays. All across the board they just dominated us and really just didn’t give ourselves a chance at all.”

SNLA Postgame

This Dodgers team is too talented to perform the way they did over the three-game period. How does a record-setting offense suddenly go ice-cold? It really doesn’t make a ton of sense, but you do need to tip your hat to Arizona for making the plays when they did.

LA had chances in games two and three, but never took advantage of things. Muncy continued his thoughts on what went wrong.

“We had plenty of opportunities to get some runs back, to make some changes in the score, we just didn’t capitalize on that.”

Per SNLA Postgame

Every year we hear the same things after the team was eliminated, but nothing changes. Whatever that change may be, something needs to change moving forward with this Dodgers team.

There is no reason for them to be underperforming every season, and it has become a pattern at this point. Hopefully, this is the last time they find themselves getting knocked out of the postseason early on.

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    1. Yeah, but not as much as Mookie and Freddie. At least we shouldn’t be too surprised with Muncy. He had good RBIs, hit for power, etc., but his avg. sucked, which meant most of the time you could bet on an out. Mookie set the tone for the team all year (and beyond), and Freddie followed. They sealed the fate by not producing. Even with the starting rotation meltdown, if they would’ve just produced like normal (over 5 runs/game), the Dodgers could’ve been up 2 games to one after game 3 instead of eliminated. The bullpen did outstanding and kept them in the game, but the offense laid down.

  1. Agreed. Trade Muncy for some starting pitching. Sure, his 100 plus RBI’s stand out but he is going to get hurt playing defense and he takes countless hittable pitches in most of his AB’s….and it would be nice if he could at least hit his weight.

    1. It ‘s not just Muncy , it was everybody from top to bottom. What’s the reason? Who knows. I think best of 5 series favors the underdogs. Every division and championship series should be best of 7 games.

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