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MLB: Fans Are Split on the Universal Designated Hitter

Baseball purists are sure to be feeling plenty of heartache over the next few months. But I am sure even they would prefer this baseball to none at all. When MLB decided it would implement the universal designated hitter starting this year, there were plenty of groans from NL fans.

As expected, plenty of media outlets were excited to feel out how the fans were feeling about this particular rule. FOX Sports ran a poll for MLB fans, asking what they preferred. The results are about exactly what you might expect. 

It’s not exact, but of the 11,339 votes cast, almost 58 percent said that they would prefer the DH hitting over the pitcher. That’s about what you might expect for MLB fans, considering about half of the fans in baseball come from the American League. 

On an earlier Tweet on our Dodgers Nation account, fans remained fairly split when it came to the added bat.

While the rule might not yet be the most popular in MLB, give it time. Once fans start to see some of their big guys launching baseballs, I am sure the mood will change over time. Where do you stand on the DH? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Yea. I’m kinda split on the DH thing. It is great to see Kershaw launch a homer in game one of season against of all teams, the Giants Hahahaha that was great! On the other hand, it would open up opportunities for otherwise good clutch hitters sitting on bench, of course, I guess it doesn’t mean that pitchers that can hit would not be allowed to take their at bat

  2. There’s more to baseball than the simplistic ‘big guys launching baseballs,’ Baseball has always been more of a thinking person’s sport than the other major sports ( including the best sports writing). The DH takes away from the pitcher any contribution he can make offensively and detracts from strategy. It can also give players with tin gloves and big bats an undeserved place in the lineup.Keep it out of the National League!

  3. I am 100 percent opposed to the DH. They should never have implemented it in the first place. They should never have punished baseball just because pitchers suck at hitting and teams had albatross contracts that sucked at defense. It isn’t baseball’s fault.
    Hell, if they just want us to see dingers, why have any position players hitting at all? Why not have DHs hit for everyone in the lineup? Just a whole batting order of 9 gorillas with bats, mashing baseballs. This is the logic they have. Remove strategy. Inject idiocy.

  4. It’s better to play it safe with pitchers possibly getting hurt running and/or sliding, especially the amount of money many of them are getting!!!

  5. No DH!! On a roster of 26 players, teams typically are keeping 12-13 pitchers on the roster anyways. If there are that many, that’s fewer spots for a position player if one has to be used to DH. Besides, some pitchers CAN hit, and are pretty good hitters. Or maybe just good situational hitters – like for bunting, etc. Occasionally, you get an unexpected homer from a pitcher that really changes a game. So, if it is up to me, no DH in the NL. Besides, you already have it in the AL, so it is not needed in both leagues, and provides a bit of a dynamic impact for interleague play.

  6. What’s Wrong With Celebrating The Differences In The Leagues. I Like The Strategy Of The National League, Should The Pitcher Bunt Or Swing Away What Will Doc Do? I Wish They Could Just Leave Our Great National Pastime Alone, Its The Best Game Ever Devised Let The National League Be What Its Always Been. Go Blue.

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