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MLB News: Astros Mistake Leads to Hilarious Response From Twitter

Look, MLB teams aren’t perfect. There is often so much going on in an organization that things will slip through the cracks, That’s expected with how much player movement goes on in a given year. But this one from the Astros was pretty funny to watch happen.

It started with a member of the media noticing this week that the Astros still had a Pedro Baez flag outside of Minute Maid Park. Baez has not been with the team since late April when the team designated him for assignment. But 4 months later. his memory lives on in Houston.

But it didn’t take long for the most hated team in MLB to right their mistake. The Astros apparently were paying close attention to the response online, because that flag was taken down and replaced with Kyle Tucker 14 hours later.

Baez signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers after being let go by Houston. Since then, he has rejoined the Triple-A Oklahoma City team and appeared in 4 games for them. He hasn’t had much success though, posting a 4.91 ERA across 3.2 innings of work.

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  1. Write about your team. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. You must be bored or have ran out of things to write about. Move on. Stop living in the past.

    1. If your team was stripped of a title by a cheating team u hold the grudge over that team forever. Vice versa u would have too so STHU!

  2. At least we didn’t trade Yordan Alvarez for Josh Fields. Then constantly whine about the Astros cheating while welcoming 2018 cheater Mookie Betts to your team!

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