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MLB News: CBA Getting Done by Monday Not a ‘Realistic Possibility’ Right Now

The MLB CBA negotiations are perilously close to becoming the extra-innings game that baseball fans never wanted to see. MLB’s deadline of February 28th is fast approaching. If a deal isn’t reached by then, Opening Day will be postponed. The two sides have met everyday this week.

On Sunday morning, ESPN’s Jesse Rogers provided his perspective on if a new CBA can be completed by tomorrow as the two sides sit down for another round of bargaining today.

“It’s not really a realistic possibility. Someone has to make a real, big gesture. One side, or the other. This game of who’s going to blink first, someone needs to blink first. It just has to happen.”

Rogers highlighted how the toxic relationship between MLB and the MLBPA is preventing a deal getting done expeditiously.

“There’s so much animosity and distrust between the sides, I’m not sure they can do any of it in 24 hours. Let alone, a week or two. It’s really dire right now, but it just takes one great gesture.”

He also reported that the players were none too pleased with how MLB responded to the MLBPA proposal on Saturday.

“It’s bad. It’s bad. The players were angry yesterday. They felt like they made a good faith proposal to the league and they were just kind of waived off. But there’s a lot going on here and neither side is above criticism.”

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  1. I cannot get excited over the players wanting rookies still in their young 20s to get a starting salary of $750,000. Most Americans will never come close to that in their lifetime but we are expected to make our contribution by buying (ever increasing cost of) tickets, paying for parking, spending lots of money for things like a bottle of water. Now there is even talk of putting advertising on uniforms. It is bad enough they have started running commercials while an inning is still in progress

    When will placing advertisements on the seats enter into the picture? Can’t be far behind

  2. both sides are greedy bitches, neither cares about the fans. Anyone remember back when baseball players were having fun and the owners were in their box’s rooting the teams on? What you have here $$ that ruined baseball

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