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MLB News: CBA Insider Says Owners Willing to Cancel Regular Season Games

MLB and the MLBPA reportedly made some small steps towards progress on a new CBA during their meeting on Monday. Many MLB experts believe that MLB spring training will not start on time next month. Losing some spring training is regrettable, but it isn’t the end of the world for baseball fans. But apparently, the league dropped a bombshell during the bargaining sessions on Monday.

According to The Athletic’s Evan Drellich, MLB owners are prepared to cancel regular season games.

“In a meeting with the Players Association on Monday, Major League Baseball deputy commissioner Dan Halem said that MLB is willing to lose games over some of the outstanding issues the sides have, people with knowledge of the talks said.”

Prior to Drellich’s report, conventional wisdom, which may be in short supply at the negotiation table, suggested that both sides knew that missing regular season games was not an option.

In a billion-dollar game of poker, some baseball fans might be hoping the MLBPA does not call the league’s bluff.

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