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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Likely to Stay in LA According to Fan Poll

Two longtime Dodgers pitchers are currently free agents. Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen are both stuck in free agency limbo due to the MLB lockout. Both Kershaw and Jansen have spent their entire MLB careers in Dodgers blue, but their return is far from guaranteed.

According to a MLB Trade fan poll, the baseball public strongly believes Jansen will end up re-signing with the Dodgers. The Dodgers were the most popular answer to “ Who Will Sign Kenley Jansen?”.

  1. Dodgers 27.11%
  2. Blue Jays 11.07%
  3. Red Sox 6.97%
  4. Mets 5.96%
  5. Cardinals 5.70%

Note, the information above references voting results from Monday morning.

In 2021, Jansen recorded 38 saves and a 2.22 ERA. Kenley also posted the second lowest HR/9 of his career (0.52). Among relievers, Jansen ranked 15th in ERA and 3rd in batting average against (.150) last season.

It was arguably his best year since his immaculate 2017 (41 SV and a 1.32 ERA).

That being said, Jansen’s back-to-back blown saves against the Giants in July negatively colored many Dodgers fans opinions. Those losses, coupled with Blake Treinen’s superb season (1.99 ERA), only elevated the conversation about striping Jansen of his closer role last year.

Darragh McDonald of thinks the Dodgers spotty rotation and confidence in their currently bullpen pieces could spell the end of Kenley’s Dodgers career.

“Perhaps the most sensible prediction is that he just sticks with the team he’s played his entire career with. However, the Dodgers already have a strong bullpen and more urgent needs elsewhere on the roster, particularly the starting rotation. It can’t be ruled out that they let Kenley walk and dedicate their resources elsewhere.”

Time will tell, but in the court of public opinion, Jansen will on the Dodgers this coming season.

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  1. IMO, Jansen is just as guilty on Roberts in re: those 2 losses and a MAJOR loss overall letting the Gnats take the division. It was for the taking, they lost at the right times, but Roberts and co just let it go.

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