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MLB News: Francisco Lindor Signs Mega-Deal With Mets! What Does it Mean for Corey Seager’s Future with Dodgers?

The New York Mets and superstar shortstop Fransisco Lindor have reached an agreement on a long-term extension worth $341 million. We break down Lindor’s mega-deal with the Mets and discuss what it means for Dodgers star shortstop Corey Seager.

Plus, should LA offer Seager a big extension now?


With Lindor off the potential market, Seager is among the now slightly smaller group of star shortstops heading toward free agency after the 2021 season. Along with the 2016 Rookie of the Year, Rockies star Trevor Story, smooth fielding Cubs shortstop Javy Baez, and more will all be hitting the market together.

Does this make LA’s shot at re-signing Seager a bit higher? And now knowing how much Lindor put in his pocket, what should Corey’s next contract look like? Don’t forget, the Dodger shortstop said he’s not talking contract now or in-season.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Well, enjoy Seager’s final season in L.A.!!

    Who here thinks that Seager is going to be worth $30 million a year at age 35, 36, and 37?! Will he even be able to play SS past 32? Will he even want to stay on the west coast while his family and farm are in North Carolina?

    And, now you know why Roberts told Busch to keep working at 2B. Because Lux will be sliding over to SS in ’22.

    Sure, Friedman has to do his due diligence and discuss an deal with Boras, but unless Seager is more in the $200 or under range, thank him for his services and let him move on. Friedman and Co. blew it by not doing a deal last November…or maybe they tried and Boras shot that down.

    But, Seager is gone after this season. He has his ring. He has his MVP awards. He has $400 million to look forward to. Just not with the Dodgers…

    1. Most likely true here because Boras will take Seager to the open market and I don’t see there’s that good of a working relationship between the Dodgers and Boras. You’re correct on those reasons ya gave here as well.

  2. This will come down to whether the Dodgers decide to sign Belli or Seager. Seager could get 350 million with the Yankees there are not too many teams that can sign Seager to the money he will expect to get. Does he want to stay and finish his career with the likes of Belli and Mookie ? the Dodgers have some salaries to deal with over the next couple of years Buehler , Urias , Dustin May which will be the corner stone of the Pitching rotation. They could lose Kenley , Kershaw , Kelly salaries which make up 65-80 million now how do they distribute that money moving forward and still stay competitive to win titles this decade .

    1. And they could move Price ($32 mil), Pollock ($14 mil), even Muncy ($12 mil) and, along with your expired contracts, have enough to do a big deal. However, Kershaw does come back; maybe at $18 mil, but he needs to retire a Dodger.

      That also means that you’re counting on a lot of guys that are in their controllable years: Lux, Busch, Rios, Beaty, May, Gonsolin, Smith, Gonzalez, Graterol, and Ferguson. But, that only buys you 3-5 years each. If you’re planning on doing 10-year deals for Seager, Belli, Buehler, plus Urias, and bring back guys like Taylor, Barnes and Muncy, that’s a huge financial puzzle to figure out.

  3. It’s not a done deal that the Dodgers will lose Seager, but the odds of re-signing him are less than 50/50. When Seager himself said he wasn’t going to think or talk about a contract during the season, it seemed like it was an indicator of a full blown Boras free agent circus after the season ends. Lindor is a good player, but there is no way that he is worth what he just got from the Mets. Seager is a legit MVP candidate for the next 5 years. Those will be his best years barring injury. The best time to have resigned Seager was right when he had the TJ surgery, and short sighted people were talking him down. He could win the MVP this year. If he’s anywhere in the top 5, he’s probably gone.

  4. Creating salaries in sports that are just not conducive to the contribution to society . Then agents like Boras who think this is brain surgery or guys like Seager finding a cure for cancer .

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