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MLB News: Players React to League Cancelling Regular Season Games

Tuesday was a dark day for baseball. After MLB and the MLBPA failed to reach an agreement on a new CBA, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred officially cancelled the first two series of the regular season.

It was the culmination of a frustrating situation for MLB players, MLB fans, but perhaps not MLB owners.

The owners installed a deadline and then weaponized it.

The players let their thoughts on the matter be known, including former Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling. Stripling, the Blue Jay’s union rep, shed some light on the league’s deadline tactics in an interview with reporter Shi Davidi.

Alex Wood, another former Dodgers hurler, provided additional commentary.

Michael Lorenzen of the Reds took exception to Manfred chuckling during this press conference.

Free agent first baseman Anthony is hoping the MLBPA’s decision today leads to a better future for the sport overall.

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner wasn’t the only one who noticed that the MLBPA press conference broadcast was handled a little differently than MLB’s.

Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman kept it short and sweet.

Marco Gonzales of the Mariners also vented his emotions about Manfred.

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MLB News: Players Association Claps Back at Rob Manfred

Eric Eulau

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  1. I can’t help feel I’m back in grade school with childish name calling thinking that will get them what they want from those whom they’re calling names. Please, stop telling me your doing it for the fans, neither side does anything for the fans anymore, that doesn’t make either side money, and haven’t for a long time. It’s all about yourselves and we fans are pawns in your game for two as in YOU’s.

    1. Sadly they have taken lessons from the political leaders of today….name calling, blaming the other party with no real interest in working together for the good of all people!

  2. If first 2 series are completely lost, no team loses more than the Dodgers.

    They would lose 7 home games against the weakest teams in their division.

    The Giants would lose 7 road games against 2 of the better teams in the National League

  3. It would be a 155 game schedule where the Dodgers have 74 home games and 81 road games. Giants have 81 home games and only 74 road games. It would be like giving the the Giants a 2-4 game lead in the division before the season even started.

    Not to mention the loss of 7 games of Home Game revenue for the Dodgers.

  4. Owners get new yachts, players get inflated salaries, fans get to pay more for less baseball. Greed indeed.

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